by Mayor Tammy

For those that know me well, the holidays are a very special time a year – especially Christmas. However, it all starts with Thanksgiving when families and friends come together to celebrate with one another.  Whether you are gathering in Meridian or traveling to another location, I wanted to take a moment and encourage you and your family to consider the blessings we have as a community.

The blessings are plentiful - we live in a clean, safe community, with an expanding Parks system, neighbors that are willing to lend a helping hand, and our economy continues to grow with family wage jobs.  While this isn’t true everywhere, it really sheds a light on our priorities as a community and is a reason why people choose to call Meridian home. 

As you sit down with your loved ones on Thanksgiving, I hope you will take a minute to keep in mind those who are working on Thanksgiving to keep our City safe.  Our Police Department will be on the road and our Fire Department will be prepared to respond for any emergencies.  Our Public Works staff will be keeping the operations going to keep water flowing to and from your homes.  And of course our partner agencies will be there if a need arises for an ambulance to respond or to keep the roads plowed.

As we reflect on our community blessings, I want to thank the many residents and businesses for the generous time they donate to the community.  We have so many people who give freely of their time and talents to ensure Meridian is a great place to live, work, and raise a family! These are the unsung heroes who spend time at the Meridian Food Bank making sure others have food to eat, volunteer to rock new born babies at St. Luke’s Meridian, or helping a neighbor shoveling snow off the sidewalk.  These are the people who make Meridian the place we all call home.

Whether you are at a park playing the annual Thanksgiving football game with bragging rights for the year, have an unexpected experience where emergency services are needed, or are just happy that you have the neighbor who is keeping an eye out for everyone while they are out of town – these are reasons why I, and you, choose to call Meridian home.  So, while I don’t have the honor of pardoning a turkey as your Mayor, I do have the honor of serving you – wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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