by Mayor Tammy

As I sit here searching for the words to write of my appreciation for Keith Bird and his service to our City, I’m finding it difficult to quantify just how grateful I am to him. For the past 20 years he has devoted time to our community as a City Council member, but his work as a public servant began far before that.

Keith Bird and his wife Marjorie have lived in Meridian since 1965. As a strong advocate for youth in the community, he was involved with bringing Y Basketball to Meridian in 1978, helped organize American Legion Baseball in 1979, helped build Mo Brooks Baseball Field in Storey Park in 1982, and has worked with Youth Optimist Football since 1966. Keith was inducted into the Optimist Football Hall of Fame in 1988. There are probably very few of our youth that have not been touched by Keith Bird’s involvement in our community.

Keith has actively supported and been a member of the Meridian Athletic Association, Meridian Athletic Roundtable Association, Meridian Speedway, Meridian Dairy Show Board, and the Meridian Chamber of Commerce. He was a member of Meridian Centennial Committee in 1993 that raised funds for restoring the Pine Street School and helped plan the celebration of the Meridian Centennial.

The community has taken notice of his contributions and voted Keith to be Meridian’s Man of the Year in 1996. I was honored to recognize his long-time service to our community in 2009 with the Mayor’s Legacy Award.

Throughout his 20 years on City Council he has seen our community become a destination for families and businesses. Keith has been steadfast in his support of bringing more jobs to Meridian and with his help and leadership we have seen business parks such as El Dorado and Silverstone become realities.  He has supported efforts to ensure the completion of three major transportation projects – Locust Grove Overpass, Ten Mile Interchange, and the rebuild of the Meridian Road Interchange. He has been a champion of our downtown redevelopment, and here he will stay involved serving on the Meridian Development Corporation Board. But perhaps nowhere has his impact been larger than in the growth and development of our Parks system, a system that he is very proud to remind us all is first-class. Because of this, it was fitting that we were recently able to pay tribute to Keith’s service this year when a park was dedicated in his honor. The Keith Bird Legacy Park is an 8.9 acre park in the Bainbridge Subdivision. The park’s amenities include a walking path, picnic shelter, sport court, playground, exercise equipment, checkers tables, and art reflecting Keith’s life-long passion for hunting, bird dogs, and Idaho’s scenic beauty.

We will honor Council President Keith Bird this week as he marks his final meeting in City Hall. He will be missed but I’m looking forward to hearing how he enjoys official retirement with Marjorie, his wife of 56 years. He’ll have more time to spend with his 3 children and 10 grandchildren in a community he has devoted more than two decades to serving as an elected official.

Thank you Keith, for all that you’ve taught us, all that you’ve done for Meridian and for your service! You are truly one-of-a-kind and will be sincerely missed!

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