by Mayor Tammy

I’ve been looking forward to this week because we have a wonderful new art installation in one of our parks that I’m thrilled to dedicate on Thursday with the help of the public and even some local heroes!

Celebrate Local/National Hereos and New Public Art

Journey of Heroes was created by Treasure Valley artist Ken McCall and it really brings home the theme of Heroes Park – recognizing not only national heroes but local heroes as well. The art structure features three tall poles topped with sails depicting images of American heroes who, throughout history, have exemplified adventure, transformation, and service. These heroes include U.S. Veterans; Meriwether Lewis and William Clark; Sacagawea; Abraham Lincoln; Orville and Wilbur Wright; Amelia Earhart; Rosa Parks; Martin Luther King Jr.; as well as images of an astronaut, doctor, firefighter, and police officer.

A series of small trail markers along the park’s loop pathway pay tribute to Idaho heroes, nominated by local schools. Those honored include Olympic Gold Medalist Kristin Armstrong nominated by Pioneer Elementary School; Educator Dean Brigham nominated by Paramount Elementary School; WWII combat pilot Gregory “Pappy” Boyington nominated by Heritage Middle School; Local organ donor Alex Fox nominated by Rocky Mountain High School; and Nez Perce leader Chief Joseph nominated by Chief Joseph School of the Arts. I love that our students helped guide who would be featured!

The project is the result of collaboration between the Meridian Arts Commission and the Meridian Parks and Recreation Commission and was created in support of the City of Meridian’s goal to add more art to open spaces in our community.  The public is invited to the dedication - I hope to see you there on Thursday, March 15, at 4:00 p.m. at Heroes Park, located at 3064 W. Malta Drive in Meridian.

And there’s more on the horizon! The Meridian Arts Commission is currently working with the Meridian Development Corporation and the Zamzow family to install a mural on the south-facing side of the Meridian Mill, located on Main Street. The mural design is coming along and will take shape this spring – adding a peek into the agricultural history of our community as you drive into downtown Meridian.

There are so many wonderful art pieces throughout our community and now you can take a tour of those, right from your mobile phone!  You may not realize this, but the City has a digital map of traffic box wraps and public art. The Meridian Arts Commission and the City’s Information Technology staff worked together to create this incredible map that is updated as art is added throughout the city. You can access the map at

When we say we are a community that is built for business and designed for living, we take both of those statements very seriously. Arts, culture and recreation play an integral role in the living experience in any community. We will continue to look for ways to enrich these aspects of Meridian.

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