by Mayor Tammy

Now more than ever we need a movement of  kindness and compassion in our world. We need to stand up and BE KIND. This year marks the 4th annual Do The Right Day. We launched this day to encourage everyone to do something kind for the person to their right - neighbors, family members, coworkers, or classmates. With bullying and other negativity so prevalent in today’s culture, we want to urge others to put a smile on the face of someone else with a nice word, simple note, gift, or act of service.  The success of this event over the past few years has been amazing with an overwhelming response from the community and even beyond (reaching all the way to Texas).  We have distributed thousands upon thousands of #DoTheRight stickers and social media is always packed with pictures from all over the area – updates that show the true character of our caring community. We live in a giving and compassionate community and we want to keep it that way.

This year we have a big day planned for Do The Right! During an assembly with Rebound School of Opportunity  we will ‘unveil’ a Meridian Police patrol vehicle with a new Do The Right decal on it. We have added these decals to School Resource Officer patrol cars so students, and even our community when the cars on the road, see the message of Do The Right - every day.

The presenting sponsor of this year’s event is Idaho Central Credit Union. Thanks to the company’s involvement, we have even more #DoTheRight stickers to distribute to area schools and throughout the community including coffee shops, the Village at Meridian, Meridian City Hall, the Meridian Chamber Office, area churches, HOA offices and more.

Beyond April 5, we urge everyone to not only be kind but to carry on the movement of compassion every single day of the year! The City was moved to do something to spur this movement after discussing bullying and teen suicide with our Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council.  It is something that definitely affects teens in our community and adults as well. This world is full of criticism and negativity and it’s time to focus on the positive.

I’m looking forward to participating in Do The Right and I am hopeful that all of you will join me!  You can take part by doing a simple act of kindness for the person to your right – it may be a cup of coffee for your coworker, a nice note for your classmate or even offering a helping hand to your neighbor - just let them know they matter.

For more information about the event, or day of activities, visit our website at Thanks for being a part of this movement and feel free to share your experience on Thursday, April 5 on social media with the hashtag #DoTheRight. Let’s start a movement of compassion that carries on throughout the year!

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