by Mayor Tammy

We are so excited to kick off the Hefty® EnergyBag® Program today (sign up here beginning at 12pm (noon) on Monday, Aug. 27). The global market changes in recycling have had a huge impact on not just our city, county, region, and country, but the entire world. The Hefty® EnergyBag® Program will provide residents with the opportunity to bag select plastics numbered 4-7 for recovery. This new program is a collaborative effort of several cities in the surrounding area. Participants can throw lids, straws, and other accepted plastics into the orange bags that will then be shipped out of our area to Renewlogy, a Salt Lake City based company. Renewlogy will take those plastics and convert them into Synthetic Diesel Fuel.

In order to avoid placing a tax burden on citizens, the Meridian City Council, at the recommendation of the Solid Waste Advisory Commission, voted to cover the cost of one year’s worth of orange bags for 1,500 households in Meridian. The Community Recycling Fund is covering the cost of the initial program.  This fund receives any revenue that might be generated from the residential co-mingle recycling program. Over the years the Fund has helped pay for many public use amenities in the City that promote recycling including; the addition of permanent recycling containers in many City parks, new playground equipment, benches, picnic tables, bleachers made from recycled material and much more! 

The EnergyBag® program is part of our ongoing efforts to protect our environment, keep our community clean, and use our landfill conservatively. On top of this, city council approved a monthly glass drop off location for all residents. It will become available at the Transfer Station in Meridian (2130 W. Franklin Road) in October. For glass recyclers that would like curbside service, Republic Services of Idaho, the company we contract with to collect trash and recycling, began this service on August 1st. This is an optional, subscription based service for residents. Another subscription based service, which has been in place for four years, is the recycling of grass clippings. If you want to be part of either the curbside glass recycling or grass clippings programs, you can call Republic Services at 208-345-1265.

As the global market in recycling changes, we are doing everything we can to continue to offer the level of service you have come to expect. Thank you for your patience during the transition this year. At the City, we are constantly researching and watching market trends, looking for new and sustainable ways to become more environmentally friendly.  I don’t have to tell you that we live in one of the most beautiful communities in the country… let’s keep it that way!

Please send inquiries to, or call 208-898-5500.

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