by Mayor Tammy

The Ada County Elections office says early voting numbers are up and that is very apparent by the number of people we saw here at Meridian City Hall over the past two weeks. I enjoy seeing so many people take advantage of early voting, whether here at city hall, other locations or via the mobile voting options. Every election is important and your voice does matter!

If you have yet to head to the polls and are waiting for Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, you will be asked to weigh in on future state and county leadership as well as several state and local issues, including Idaho Proposition 1, which would authorize  historical horse racing at certain locations and Idaho Proposition 2, the Medicaid Eligibility Expansion Initiative. Click here to learn more about these initiatives. 

Also up for consideration: Ada County Highway District registration fees and a College of Western Idaho Plant Levy for a health and science center. 

I’m one of those people who loves the tradition of voting on Election Day so I’ll be casting my vote that day along with my husband. We sit down together the weekend before and educate ourselves on the candidates and initiatives we will be asked to weigh in on. If you need to find your polling place or want to see a sample of the ballot, you can visit or click here to visit the Ada County Elections Office interactive map.

Voting is a fundamental part of our process – and what a privilege it is! I hope you will take time to participate in tomorrow’s election and I look forward to seeing you at the polls!

Due to Election Day, the Meridian City Council meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 7 at City Hall at 6pm. 

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