by Mayor Tammy

This week we will gather to celebrate the life of one of the City’s former leaders, Mayor Robert ‘Bob’ Corrie. Mayor Corrie passed away on Monday, December 10 at the age of 82, just before his 61st wedding anniversary with his wife, Jeri. He served our city for more than a decade, first as a city councilman, then as Mayor from 1996-2004, and he later served as a member of the Solid Waste Advisory Commission.

Mayor Corrie found great pride in serving this community. As I reflect on his time as Mayor, there’s no doubt that he was part of the early transition from a small, sleepy town. As the population began to steadily increase, he had the same financial focus of those before him and one that carries through today – save before spending. In fact, he was the one who began the planning and saving for the new city hall building where we reside today.

There were many new parks that opened during his term: Generations Plaza-phase 1, Tully Park, Bear Creek Park, Chateau Neighborhood Park was gifted to the City, and the first phase of Settlers Park was completed.

Mayor Corrie had a great focus on public safety. As Mayor, he guided Meridian’s transition from a volunteer/part-time fire service to a full-time professional fire department. He also helped in planning and building for Meridian Fire Station #1 and the Meridian Police Headquarters.

When it came to development, Mayor Corrie helped launch Meridian’s downtown redevelopment efforts with the creation of the Meridian Development Corporation, our urban renewal agency. He wanted to see the heart of our community flourish – efforts that we continue today.

I was the City Council President the last two years of his term as Mayor and saw his passion for Meridian. In fact, he was the one that originally involved me in the city in 1995 on a city task force. One thing I’ll always remember is whether or not Mayor Corrie agreed with a decision or not – once the decision was made, he moved forward as a team. This is so important when it comes to city government. We don’t always agree – but coming together as one team working toward the goal of making our community better – that is what’s important.

Whether you knew Mayor Corrie or not, I ask you to keep his family, including his wife Jeri, and their children in your prayers. He was a public servant at heart, who had a great passion for our community - and began to build a foundation for much of what makes Meridian one of the best places in the country to call home.

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