by Mayor Tammy

Each time I step inside a voting booth, no matter what issues are on the ballot, I feel an immense sense of duty and pride. I love living in a nation where we can not only form our own opinions, and voice those opinions, but we can act on them. This is a right that did not come easy or without sacrifice.

While it may not always feel like it - every vote truly does matter. This is especially true in local elections, where decisions can come down to just a few votes. I encourage all Meridian citizens to step inside the voting booth and have your voices heard tomorrow (Tuesday, May 21st) as we have two big decisions to vote your conscience on our ballot.

The first item on the ballot is the election of Meridian Library Trustees for our Meridian Library District. Running for the two seats are Jeff Kohler, Megan Larsen, and Barney Greenspan. The elected Trustee(s) would serve a six-year term. 

Additionally, the community is asked to weigh in on a facilities initiative to fund two new locations and upgrade two existing properties for the Meridian Library District to serve citizens in their growing district. If passed, this would be the first new funding measure for the Meridian Library District in over twenty years.

Voters will decide whether or not to pass the levy for $14 million, which would be used to renovate, expand and modernize the Library District. The Meridian Library District is seeking funding for new library branches in North and South Meridian, as well as a major renovation of the main branch located on Cherry Lane. Additionally, the levy would pay for a renovation of a lease-to-own building in downtown Meridian for the UnBound branch.  If approved by voters, the levy would cost taxpayers $1.00 per month for every $100,000 of taxable property value.

I encourage you to learn more about the candidates and levy before you head for the polls tomorrow (May 21st). I also urge you to Vote and exercise that right that we often take for granted. To find your polling location and view a sample ballot, please click HERE.



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