by Mayor Tammy

Each year, city leaders from across the state gather together at the Association of Idaho Cities (AIC) Conference. The annual AIC Conference offers us an opportunity to learn from one another. We – elected officials and key staff - share struggles, solutions, and best practices to issues we face as Idaho municipalities.

At the conference, the AIC also recognizes innovation and creativity in several categories. I am so proud to report that our Community Development Department was recognized with the City Achievement Award in the category of Economic & Community Development.

Over the past year, City employees have brainstormed, created, and tested numerous ways to help increase transparency for our customers. As a result, the Community Development Department Team implemented a series of three new online maps to make zoning, land use, and development related application information more accessible to the public. The Future Land Use and Zoning maps convey parcel, zoning designation, as well as links to related City Code and plans. The Hearing Application Map allows anyone to find active hearing level application information, simply by browsing areas of interest on a web map.

The maps are not only beneficial to Meridian residents – they also help to make resources more accessible for staff members, which allows them to respond to you, our customers, more quickly. The project was a joint effort between our Community Development and Information Technology teams – who developed and implemented the tools entirely in-house.

This project is one of many in our continuous effort to keep residents informed and engaged when it comes to City business. While City staff are immersed in land use proposals, budgets, capital improvement projects and permitting, every day – we understand that these issues can seem foreign and often times confusing to residents. It is our goal to make City information easy for you to both access and understand.

I’m so proud of our employees for recognizing and implementing innovative ways to maintain and improve our premier levels of service. This project is a shining example of our CA.R.E. values (Customer service, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence!) at work and a testament to the premier employees that make up the City of Meridian family. I encourage our staff to challenge themselves and each other to continue to find new ways of doing business. As well, I encourage our employees to continue to be involved in how we serve our citizens.

p.s. Don’t forget our City 101 sessions - a great way to learn about city operations and best serve our citizens and customers. You can learn more about the series and register HERE!

The Community Development maps can be located here:

Hearing Application Map:

Future Land Use Map:

Zoning Map:

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