by Mayor Tammy

I have loved my time as your Mayor - almost 16 years. However, my time with the City began long before that. I spent 4 years on the Meridian City Council and before that, served as a charter member of the Parks and Recreation Commission. Throughout that time, my commitment to our parks system has been, and continues to be, among my top priorities.

When I was elected Mayor in 2004, we had 8 parks totaling just over 90 acres. Today, I am so proud to say that Meridian boasts 24 parks, spanning over 300 acres - with more on the way - maintaining our level of service as we grow!

Each of our parks offers its own unique environment. Many, like Settlers, Heroes and Bear Creek, are geared toward sports and fast-paced activities, while Kleiner Park is perfect for a leisurely stroll and quiet reflection. Many have facilities perfect for picnics, concerts, theater performances and special events. Storey Bark Park is popular with our four-legged friends. All are different and all are an important piece of what makes Meridian one of the best places to live, work, and raise a family.

Our newest park is located in south Meridian. It will add its own unique amenities to our Parks system. Discovery Park, so appropriately named, is for just that - discovery.

At Discovery Park, kids can immerse themselves in hands-on experiential learning and play everywhere they turn.

When I was a kid, I could have never imagined amenities like the sand and water play area in Discovery Park. This feature combines imagination with learning. Pulling inspiration from the Boise River Watershed, kids will learn about water flow and dams while they build their sand castles and kingdoms. One of my favorite things about the new park is its celebration of this great state. Idaho symbols can be seen throughout - keep an eye out for the state bird, flower and tree.

Another Idaho tribute comes in the form of a climbing wall. Now, a climbing wall of any kind is fun - but our Parks Department took it one step further. The climbing wall at Discovery Park is in the shape and topography of Idaho. Kids will actually use Idaho mountains and valleys to reach the top. This first phase of our 70-acre Discovery spans 27 acres. The park includes dual zip lines, roller slides, a splash pad, fenced dog park, softball fields, specialty gardens, and more!

Phase one of Discovery Park opens this month - and you’re all invited! We will have a party in the park on Saturday, July 27. The celebration will run from 11am to 2pm with free ice cream (while supplies last), food trucks, and lots of fun in the sun!

Playground at Discovery park

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