by Mayor Tammy

Meridian is a community that values its residents, pre-K through grey!

The City of Meridian has been recognized as one of the best places in America to retire. Headed toward semi-retirement myself, I couldn’t agree more!

I made it my mission to lead this great City by listening to those that live here - being out in the community and bringing city hall to you so you could share you thoughts where you feel most comfortable. We aren’t a traditional college town, or a retirement community. Meridian is home to a wide range of ages, and each generation brings their own concerns, issues, and a unique perspective. I value those perspectives and work for the inclusion of all ages in our decision making. You have probably read my recent column about the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, but did you know that I also have a Senior Advisory Board?

The Mayor’s Senior Advisory Board began in 2015 and is run by 9 incredible senior community members. They work together to provide me with important feedback on City services and issues that affect the welfare of our 50 and older community.

One of the MSAB’s latest endeavors is a series of events targeted toward our senior community members (and their families). The Senior Finer Living Series will offer residents an opportunity to learn about issues that concern them most.

The series will kick-off on Friday, September 27th with Crisis Avoidance, focusing on suicide prevention. The series will also include classes on nutrition, sleep and exercise, as well as living wills and trusts.

The Finer Living Series was created by seniors, for seniors. While it’s geared toward those that are 50 years or older, it would also be a great opportunity for family members and care takers to get some great information to help assist loved ones.

To learn more about the Mayors Senior Advisory Board CLICK HERE. To register for one, or all, of the Finer Living Series courses, CLICK HERE or call Jodi St-Martin at 208-489-0535.

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