by Mayor Tammy

You may have noticed that the City has been sprinkled with campaign signs and the neighborhoods are abuzz with talks of the 2019 General City Election. It’s officially campaign season - campaign signs, social media posts, door knocking, phone calls, debates and more are coming your way! This November 5th there is a BIG election here at the City. Citizens will have the opportunity to vote for three new City Council members, as well as your next Mayor.

As of September 6th, the final day for candidates to file, we have fourteen brave souls who have thrown their name in the ring to lead our great City. I have served as both a City Council member and Mayor, and I can tell you that neither job is easy, but these positions are incredibly fulfilling nevertheless. City Council members make decisions on land use and development, policy, taxes and growth, and set the annual budget. The Mayor will run the daily operations, overseeing personnel and an annual budget of $120M for the coming year. The Mayor
position also serves as the city’s spokesperson among other responsibilities of a ‘CEO”. Collectively, our elected officials will make key decisions affecting critical services such as police, fire, water, and sewer. As well, they determine the future of our parks, pathways, and City sponsored events.

I know there are days when politics are the last thing we want to talk about. But when you get a cold call from a campaign, or you answer the knock at your door to find a local candidate for City Council or the Mayor on the other side, I encourage you to take the time to listen. Each of these candidates have a unique perspective on issues that directly affect Meridian residents and businesses. I
encourage you to get to know these candidates and what they stand for – as public servants and most importantly – as people.

Getting to know the candidates means nothing if you don’t take that knowledge to the polls! I challenge each of you to not only register to vote, but make it your mission to get one other person to register as well. Whether it’s your newly eighteen year old son or daughter, your next door neighbor that recently moved to town, or your barista – remind them to register to vote…and then to vote! Visit, where you can register to vote, find your polling location, fill out an absentee ballot request and so much more!

It was a hard decision for me to step down as your Mayor - I can’t imagine a more rewarding way to serve my community. It is critical that Meridian residents are informed about the candidates and get out and vote. We want the citizens in our
community to play an active role in deciding who will serve you for the next four years. There are over 114,000 voices in Meridian – we want to
hear yours November 5th!

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