by Mayor Tammy

I can’t deny that I get excited about Christmas cookies, shopping for family gifts and festive parties this time of year. Most of all, Christmas is the season for giving.

Meridian is such an amazing community, with people and organizations that work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure our residents have the essentials for their families. One of my favorite organizations is the Meridian Food Bank, a saving grace in Downtown Meridian with a mission for “No More Empty Bowls” in Meridian (and beyond). The volunteer run organization provides meals day in and day out to the greater Meridian area. From the bread and milk staples to easy on the go food for kids to take home with them from school on the weekends. They serve thousands of families each month, providing many with something that a lot of us take for granted. I encourage you to make a donation to the Meridian Food Bank. You can make a donation, or find out more HERE.  

There are also giving trees scattered throughout the community. If you have the means, please take the moment to pull a card and provide an anonymous gift to a total stranger. I promise you that what you spend will come back to you tenfold in the way that you feel!

You can start making room for new gifts by donating gently used items to the local thrift stores, providing a new family with an affordable gift option and supporting a local charity. For a few options on where to donate, CLICK HERE. This is really a win/win, as it also helps keep re-usable items out of the landfill after Christmas.

While there are many ways, sometimes the most important way is less obvious. We often think of writing a check, purchasing a gift, or volunteering for a few hours – but this time of year, someone could need something much simpler from us. The holiday season is joyous for many of us, but it can also be one of the hardest times of year for many. Financial struggles, loss of loved ones, distance from family – there are many reasons our neighbors might find this time of year difficult. Take the time to check in on those around you, offer your ear, a shoulder, or a simple reminder that you’re there if they need you. If you or someone that you know is struggling this year, don’t forget that there are great resources out there to help. You can text or call 1-208-398-4357 to reach Idaho’s Suicide Hotline. 

Enjoy the season with those that you love, and don’t forget what it’s all about. Merry Christmas, Meridian - and a happy and healthy 2020!

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