by Mayor Simison

Being a premier community to live, work and raise a family in is more than just a simple statement, it’s the vision we have for Meridian. Like any vision, it takes planning and execution to make it a reality. In our case, it takes dedicated employees, an engaged community, collaboration with partners, and committed leaders to transform a string of words so the Meridian of today becomes the Meridian of our future.

Our current Strategic Plan was initiated in 2016. As part of that plan we developed five focus areas: Strategic Growth; Economic Vibrancy; Responsive Government; Arts, Culture & Recreation; and Safe, Healthy and Secure Community.  The focus areas helped us develop specific goals and actions, which have guided the work of the City.

To date, we have accomplished over two-thirds of the actions in the plan, and we aim to complete several more objectives during 2020.  Through these efforts we have seen improved efficiencies of our city programs, development of the Ten Mile Business District, modified program offerings in our Parks and Recreation Department, among many other successes. 

As the current plan comes to conclusion this year, I realize that our challenges, aspirations and goals do not stop.  Some efforts will need to continue, others will change, and new priorities are surfacing.  The community is looking for improvements in our transportation network, strategies to generate responsible growth, a focus on our public safety and emphasis on our downtown.

This week we are kicking off the process to develop our next plan.  We will be asking ourselves a few important questions. What do the next five years look like?  What changes do we need to make?  How do our focus areas incorporate the community priorities of improved transportation, responsible growth of the City, and a revitalized downtown?  Our goal is to develop a framework which enables our citizens, partners, leadership and employees to provide input on these questions.  This effort will produce the goals and objectives which ensure we maintain our premier services in both the short term and long term future of Meridian.  

During this process it will be important that we hear feedback from our residents and stakeholders. Your input is important and will ensure we have a Strategic Plan in place that helps us achieve our vision to be a premier community.  

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