by Mayor Simison

In this time of uncertainty, I know our minds and hearts are heavy with concern. Concern for how to stay healthy, pay bills, educate our children, and access essential services without risking our health. I share your concerns and want to assure you that we are working tirelessly to navigate the constantly evolving situation of COVID-19. As your Mayor, I will continue to make decisions using guidance from the experts as best I can over the months to come.

During this time, communication is vital so we are all in the know. The best way to stay up to date on how the City is dealing with COVID-19 is to subscribe for City news and updates on our website located at, check in on our COVID-19 webpage (, and follow us on social media (@MeridianIdaho). We are striving to keep you informed on ways to conduct City business, access community resources, and stay informed about orders and important updates. The information helps us stay connected.

While our interactions with one another are changing, we all need social connection as we create physical distancing. I encourage you to check in on your neighbors. Physical isolation can take a toll on mental health. For their health, as much as your own, call or FaceTime your friends and family regularly. If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, be sure to utilize resources available to you and remember you are not alone.

In addition, it is important that we work together to ensure everyone has the essentials needed to get by each day. If a neighbor is in need, share what you have. 

When you go to the store, don’t purchase more than you need. Simple acts will go a long way as we come together to take care of one another.

It can be difficult to adjust to small changes with ample notice. COVID-19 changed all of our lives, suddenly and with little warning. So many of us are navigating our new daily norms. Our home lives have been turned upside down, with people home not working, some working remotely and most all families with kids at home from school. If yours are anything like mine – keeping kids occupied and entertained day in and day out is much harder than one would think. I think we all have a lot more appreciation for the amazing teachers that we send them to during the school year.

Lastly, I’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU to so many of our community members that have continued to report to work each day, ensuring that we have access to essential services.

To our public safety and first responders who are on the front line of every call. To our grocery store employees and food bank volunteers, I hope you realize how important you are to Meridian. Thank you for continuing to show up each day and helping us feed our families. To the many employees in health care, we appreciate your continued devotion to our health and the sacrifice you’re making each day when you leave your family and head to work. To our utility workers who provide us with critical services that we hope to never live without. Your hard work is not unnoticed and most certainly appreciated.

Most importantly, to you the community, know that we are here with you, doing the best that we can. We know information is changing and we are adjusting each day. Be well Meridian as we are all in this together.

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