• City 101 - Go Behind the Scenes of Your City

      17 June 2019

    • When it comes to local government, there are a lot of moving parts and pieces – and each municipality does things a little differently. In Meridian, we have 20 departments and within those, 48 divisions, which are operated by over 450 incredible employees (I may be biased!). But – who does what? It can be confusing how each piece – each department – is connected. That’s why its important to do our best to ensure that Meridian residents understand the basics. One way that we do that is through our City 101 classes.

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    • Downtown Meridian is Blossoming

      04 June 2019

    • It’s so fun to walk in downtown Meridian this time of year. Between the colorful flowers and beautiful trees, it seems that everything is in full bloom. But – that’s not all that’s blooming and budding in our downtown. New amenities and services are sprouting up, downtown events are blossoming, and existing businesses are changing color.

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      19 May 2019

    • Each time I step inside a voting booth, no matter what issues are on the ballot, I feel an immense sense of duty and pride. I love living in a nation where we can not only form our own opinions, and voice those opinions, but we can act on them. This is a right that did not come easy or without sacrifice.

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    • Warm Weather & Fun Ahead

      07 May 2019

    • One of the best things about living in Meridian is that we get to experience every season! There is great anticipation as we welcome the arrival of spring and summer - we are able to get out of our homes and enjoy all of the outdoor fun that Meridian offers.

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    • Spring Has Sprung!

      22 April 2019

    • The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the smell of fresh cut grass is in the air. That’s right – it’s spring in Meridian!  As the days heat up, I can’t help but get excited for all of the outdoor fun ahead in our great City.

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    • My Final BUT Busy Year Ahead

      08 April 2019

    • As you may have already heard, this year will be my last serving you as your Mayor. After a great deal of thought, deliberation and discussions with my family, I have decided not to seek re-election in November. This was a very personal decision and one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made. After losing my dad this last fall, I questioned my decision to run for re-election in November 2019. I continued to consider this decision up through the holidays. Being able to spend time with my mom, my kids and their families, and in talking with my husband I knew what that ‘next chapter’ would and should be. It’s time that I focus on them. I need to spend time with my mom. Two of my girls live overseas – I want to spend time with them. I have grandkids that I haven’t spent much time with, and another grandchild on the way – I will know this one much better. And my husband is traveling more and I want to experience the world with him.

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    • Breaking Ground on New Services

      08 March 2019

    • As our great city continues to attract more people who want to call Meridian home, we are committed to maintaining (or exceeding) service levels expected. While we hope that most days in Meridian are fun and carefree for our residents, we are all too familiar with those heart wrenching days which require assistance from Meridian’s premier emergency crews.  In those instances, it is important that police and fire are able to respond to Meridian residents quickly.

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    • Collaboration with Partners is Important

      25 February 2019

    • We met with both our education and road partners over the past few weeks, further highlighting the importance of working together in order to continue to make Meridian the greatest home.

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    • Remember Mr. Meridian - Mr. Keith Bird

      08 February 2019

    • For two decades I sat right next to Keith Bird every Tuesday evening for council meetings. It was a privilege – and always an experience. Keith taught me so much, but the biggest thing he taught me was that you can make real change if you have passion for something. He had passion for this community…big time!

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