• The Master Plan for Lakeview Golf Club

      20 September 2021

    • Last week during Meridian City Council’s Work Session, we received a report from the National Golf Foundation regarding a new Master Plan for Lakeview Golf Club. This report evaluated the current conditions of Lakeview Golf Club and provided a path forward to address the maintenance needs and different options for operating the course. The National Golf Foundation’s analysis and knowledge base of the golf industry provides the City with options to help achieve our goals of operating self-sustaining, high quality, and affordable recreation for Meridian residents and visitors. Their comprehensive study included details that really focused on three elements – project background, facility overview, and operations overview.

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    • 9/11: Unity, 20 Years On

      10 September 2021

    • Good morning Meridian, Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11 — a day which has defined the course of our country and altered the way we think about those who serve — from first responders to the military — in a way few other days have done. As a nation, many of us will take part in 9/11 observances tomorrow such as the ones being held at Meridian Fire Station #1 in the morning and the Blue Mass at the Holy Apostles Church in the afternoon. Whether you attend a specific event or pause in memory, I urge you reflect back to that Tuesday and remember those who gave their life on that day and in the days since.

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    • Public Impacts of COVID

      06 September 2021

    • Most Meridian students have begun the new school year, and first and foremost I say, welcome back! I am happy that kids are back in session learning. I recently attended the Owyhee High School ribbon-cutting where many community members and staff came together to celebrate student education and our thriving community. Owyhee High School was years in the making and driven by community support to fund the construction of this needed resource through bonds. 

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    • Serving a Growing City

      23 August 2021

    • Today marks the first day people are able to file paperwork to run for the Meridian City Council in November’s election. In Meridian, we elect City Council members by seats for four years. A few weeks ago, we held a Town Hall about how to run for City Council. You can find relevant information from that event, as well as the requirements and process to become a candidate on our website, HERE.  Additionally, you can find information at the Ada County Information for Candidates webpage HERE.

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    • The Red, the Blue, and You

      09 August 2021

    • The positive relationship between our citizens and first responders is one of my favorite things about Meridian. This bond helps guarantee that our city stays a safe place to live, work, and raise a family. That’s why I love efforts such as National Night Out, which aim to bring residents together. These events are the backbone of Meridian which helps give us a sense of pride and community.

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    • Partnerships at Work

      26 July 2021

    • Law enforcement plays a critical role in our safe and thriving community. One way this is achieved is through the services provided by the Ada County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) and the collaborative working relationship with the Meridian Police Department. Recently ACSO Lieutenant Matt Clifford – who was contracted to the City of Eagle and serving as their Police Chief – was sworn in as our new Ada County Sheriff. I applaud the decision of Chairman Rod Beck and Commissioner Kendra Kenyon for selecting Matt Clifford. I have had the opportunity and pleasure to get to know Sheriff Clifford through the process of being selected, and our Police Chief Tracy Basterrechea has known and worked with him for years. The Commissioners made the right choice as Matt Clifford not only has the knowledge, skills, and abilities, but he has instilled trust and demonstrated leadership for the citizens of Ada County.

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    • Stay Water Wise Meridian

      12 July 2021

    • Make no mistake about it, water is our most precious resource in Meridian. Due to the low snowpack this past winter and extended hot weather, low water supply in reservoirs is impacting many parts of Idaho. With this hot summer and little-to-no rain, I know people are concerned about how the City is positioned to provide drinking water and water for outdoor use for residents. Rest assured, while there is a lot of talk about the supply of irrigation surface water this year, the City is well positioned to deliver quality drinking water to our residents, with no concerns for providing ample potable water.

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    • A Budget to Meet Our Obligation to the Community

      28 June 2021

    • ​​​As a City, we are dedicated to being a premier community to live, work and raise a family. We provide a safe and caring atmosphere focused on families with excellent education, recreation, and entertainment opportunities. This is through our great relationships with key stakeholders and our efforts to remain fiscally responsible. We have done well by proactively saving before spending for critical services and large-scale projects. This type of planning has allowed us to remain a debt free city.

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    • The State of Meridian Recap

      14 June 2021

    • Earlier this month, I delivered my second State of the City address at the Galaxy Event Center. With local business owners, City employees, and sponsors in attendance, it was a great opportunity to provide an update about the City of Meridian. There was a lot of information covered during this year’s State of the City and I would like to take some time and share a few highlights.

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    • Remember and Honor

      31 May 2021

    • One of the things I love about living in Meridian is walking out of my door on Memorial Day and seeing the work of our local Boy Scout troop and neighbors with their flags proudly displayed. It is a beautiful scene, and great way to honor the memory of our servicemen and women who paid the ultimate price to protect our freedom and to thank their families for their sacrifice. We honor these brave Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Coast Guard with recognition, respect, and gratitude. There is no way we can repay the debt these heroes paid for us, but we can and must honor their sacrifice and their love of this country.

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