• Public Safety is a Top Priority for Meridian

      08 August 2022

    • National Night Out (NNO) is an annual campaign that promotes positive community-police relationships by allowing neighborhoods to organize different unique events. Celebrations across the Treasure Valley uplift first responders through parades, cookouts, block parties, and festivals. Police officers travel around these events to introduce themselves, talk, and be part of the community celebrations. Here in Meridian, firefighters and city employees join in on the fun with the police, creating interactions between citizens and first responders in a non-emergency setting building relationships with attendees and neighborhoods.

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    • Share your Feedback – City Budget & City Survey

      25 July 2022

    • In Meridian, our budget process is important as it builds on a history of conservative financial stewardship and allows us to provide the services our residents expect with our available resources. As a City, we are debt free and have long held a philosophy of saving before we spend. The Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 proposed budget continues those practices, and looks forward with optimism and a higher bar for the City as our residents and businesses expect premier services day-in and day-out, which our employees are ready to deliver.

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    • Meridian’s Number One Transportation Priority – Your Voice Matters

      11 July 2022

    • As the center of the Treasure Valley, Meridian is the connection point for key roadways to and thru our community. Residents, business owners, visitors and more all drive through Meridian on a regular basis, seeking ease and safe accessibility to their destinations. As a City, we are vested in bringing more road improvements by working with our partners and with the resources we have available. As your Mayor, I remain committed to improving transportation in Meridian and the Treasure Valley.

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    • The State of Meridian

      27 June 2022

    • Earlier this month, I delivered my third State of the City address as Mayor before our local business owners, City employees, and the public. It was a great opportunity to provide an update about the City of Meridian, primarily focused on infrastructure, public safety, services provided by partner agencies, and the great need to treat people with dignity and respect.

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    • Water - Every Drop Counts

      13 June 2022

    • While the summer heat is right around the corner, I have been very thankful for the cool, wet spring weather we have been able to enjoy this year. As I was driving back from Stanley this weekend in the rain, I was reminded about the beauty, power and importance of water in the west as the South Fork was raging through the canyon. I have said it before and I will say it again, water is our most precious natural resource. While earlier this spring there was much discussion about our reservoirs being low and it likely being a short irrigation season, the recent weather has helped improve our surface water levels immensely. Despite these turn of events, when we live in a high mountain desert it remains important that we have regular conversations about our water picture each year and over the long-term.

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    • Memorial Day, in Honor of Our Heroes

      30 May 2022

    • For many, Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. For others, it is a day for quality time with family and friends. For all of us, it is a day to honor those Americans who gave their lives for our country. I encourage you to recognize our fallen heroes and the families that have been impacted by their loss. There is no way we can repay the debt these heroes paid for us, but we can and must honor their sacrifice and their love of this country.

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    • Get Involved, Stay Involved

      16 May 2022

    • Idaho residents will head to the polls tomorrow for May’s primary election. Voting is as fundamental as any other liberty afforded to people under the Constitution. As a Meridian resident, your vote is your voice. This is your opportunity to let your thoughts be known about important topics to the community and state.

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    • Join Me for Idaho Gives

      02 May 2022

    • ​​​One of the many great things about Meridian is how our community members are dedicated to helping those around them. Whether it is donating time and talents to local service organizations, helping a neighbor in need, or so many other ways of getting involved, you will often see our residents on the front lines. While many can give time and talents, there is also another need organizations have, and that is treasure.

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    • Volunteers, You Make the Difference

      18 April 2022

    • This week is Volunteer Appreciation Week, and I want to take this opportunity to thank the many people who choose to volunteer their time and energy throughout our community. Volunteers selflessly give their time and expertise to help, comfort, or simply be present for community needs. They are our coaches, provide food to those in need, help in our schools, are leading our Homeowner Associations - and so much more! Their dedication is the reason we are the premier community that is built for business and designed for living.

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    • Election Season Changes

      04 April 2022

    • The Idaho Commission for Reapportionment established new Congressional and Legislative districts this year. With those boundaries in place, candidates for the November 2022 legislative districts have been actively campaigning for the May 17 primary election. New for Meridian, we have two legislative districts central to Meridian - Districts 20 and 21; along with a portion of Districts 14 to the north, 15 to the east and 22 in the south. I encourage you to take time to get to know those running, what they stand for and why they are interested in representing our community in the Idaho Legislature.

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