• Stay Healthy

      16 November 2020

    • Last week, West Ada welcomed Meridian’s youngest learners back to the classroom full-time. This was an effort parents pushed for in their responses to the district’s surveys. As the parent of a fourth-grader myself, I am happy to have my son back to a more normal learning environment, and I am dedicated to keeping that environment safe and healthy for him, his peers, teachers and staff. As Governor Little pointed out in his press conference last week, in-person learning is important, not only for our kids, but our parents who are serving on the front lines of this battle against COVID-19 in our hospitals and clinics across the state. With COVID-19 cases on the rise, it’s more important than ever before that we focus our attention on keeping the community healthy.  

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    • Meridian Votes

      02 November 2020

    • Everyone has their favorite annual traditions. When asked what they look forward to most, many would tell you Thanksgiving, Christmas, or another holiday surrounded by big festivities and friends. While I enjoy family holidays, one of my favorite annual traditions happens tomorrow! That’s right, the first Tuesday in November, Election Day. 

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    • Town Hall

      19 October 2020

    • I truly believe that connecting with residents is one of the things that makes our community special. When we are engaged and involved together on where we are going, it makes for a stronger end result.  We have seen this with our updated Comprehensive Plan and are looking to do the same with our Strategic Plan that is being updated.  

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    • Engaging Tomorrow's Leaders

      05 October 2020

    • This year has created challenges about how we carry on the events, activities and relationships that make our community special. One of the programs I’m focused on is the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Commission (MYAC) which is comprised of our 9th-12th graders in our community. MYAC gives its members an opportunity to develop leadership skills and apply those skills through giving back and participating in the processes of government. It also allows these driven individuals a chance to network, collaborate, and grow together.  

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    • The Final Countdown - 2020 Census

      20 September 2020

    • We are in the final countdown for residents to complete the 2020 Census and help shape the future of our community. I first want to thank all of you who have already taken the time to fill it out. Meridian was one of the top cities for self-reporting with 79% of households choosing to do so. If you didn’t have a chance to respond yet, I am asking for just ten minutes of your time to do so by September 30. Your actions help provide vital information to will impact Meridian for the next ten years.

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    • Working Together for our Students

      08 September 2020

    • We have been doing a great job as a community and region wearing masks, keeping our distance and washing our hands. The proof is in the numbers, safety measures are working and it continues to take all of us working together to make it happen.

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    • Lakeview Golf Course Transition

      24 August 2020

    • Meridian City Council recently approved a new venture for the City which will transition operations of the Lakeview Golf Club to the City. Many may not know that the land the public course sits on has been owned by the City since 1978, with buildings and equipment owned by the operator. As the current operator transitions out of the business, it makes sense to bring the assets into public ownership. To help make that happen, Western Ada Recreation District (WARD) has entered into a Purchase and Sale Agreement to buy out the business and assets whereby they will then transition course management to the City.  Lakeview Golf Club is an important part of our community, and I am committed to ensuring this asset is properly maintained and operated with needed improvements made to the course.

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    • It's Time to Vote - School Supplemental Levy

      10 August 2020

    • While many of you may be waiting for the November Presidential Election, I want to encourage you to have your voice heard by getting out this week and voting in the West Ada School District supplemental levy election.

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    • National Night Out

      27 July 2020

    • Now more than ever it is important that we build strong relationships among our residents and first responders.  In Meridian, we pride ourselves on being one of Idaho’s safest cities, and can credit that to the mutual respect between citizens and our officers.  This respect has been earned through longstanding efforts that begin with education, and continue with each interaction that takes place between our police and fire departments and the community they serve.

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    • 2020 City Survey

      12 July 2020

    • Amongst all of the COVID conversation, I also want to remind everyone that City business is still moving forward and we have a lot of other important information for everyone to keep on your radar.  To that, we recently released our 2020 City Survey online, and want your feedback about services in Meridian.

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