Interacting and communicating with our neighbors and citizens outside the walls of City Hall is a priority of Mayor Robert Simison. The City hosts a number of events to meet, answer questions and interact with the community at large.

Programs like Coffee with the Mayor, Local Town Hall Meetings and The City of Meridian Speakers Bureau allow the public to communicate with City Hall in a convenient, casual manner.

Coffee with the Mayor

Coffee with the Mayor is an opportunity for the public to meet and mingle with Meridian Mayor Robert Simison and other City leaders in a casual, friendly atmosphere. Attendees are encouraged to discuss community or neighborhood issues, share ideas with one another, network, and to ask any questions they may have. Coffees with the Mayor gatherings are held four times a year at various locations throughout Meridian.

There is no cost to attend this open-house style event, and reservations are not needed. Refreshments will be served.

For additional information, contact Jodi St. Martin in the Meridian Mayor’s Office at 489-0535.

Mayor with citizens

Town Hall

In an effort to bring City Hall to local neighborhoods, Mayor Robert Simison sponsors a series of local Town Hall Meetings dedicated to a variety of subjects. These informal meetings allow our neighbors the opportunity to become educated on pressing City issues convenient times and locations. Town Hall Meetings occur four times throughout the calendar year with notice given in local news publications on the City web site.

Speakers Bureau

If your organization, group, or neighborhood is looking for an expert to share information on the City of Meridian, please feel free to contact our Speakers Bureau. City staff is happy to provide information and share insight on a number of projects and programs designed to benefit the City.

To request a speaker please contact Jodi St. Martin in the Meridian Mayor’s Office at 208-489-0535.

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