Good growth fuels a city. Meridian will promote growth that enhances its vision and is family focused, properly planned, financially viable and diverse.

Downtown Autumn

I’ve been a longtime advocate of smart, strategic growth – with a focus of growing our community from the inside, out. I work with our Department Directors and City Council to ensure that we are planning for the future – making sure amenities and infrastructure continue to exceed the needs of our residents. From community development, to public works and even parks and recreation; our departments all have specific plans and goals for the future both near and far.

Strategic growth also means working with community partners like our transportation agencies. We have had a number of significant transportation projects, from the Ten Mile Interchange, to the Split Corridor improvements, the Locust Grove overpass, and numerous intersection improvements. The latest major project, the Meridian Interchange, wrapped up in 2015. We now have a formal entryway into our community, with an expanded overpass that is more safe for pedestrians and I know the drivers on I84 appreciate the removal of the bottleneck. Our thanks to the Idaho Transportation Department – and the team that worked to get this project!

Our next focus is the Chinden-20/26 expansion project. This needed capacity improvement will: reduce congestion, improve safety, and create economic opportunity. We have pulled together a work group serious to have ‘One Voice’ focused on improving this corridor and bringing it up to its full potential

Working strategically with the West Ada School District is also critical. We have convened a group to research what others are doing and how they are paying for their schools. It is the State’s constitutional mandate to provide for a general, uniform, and thorough public education. Our citizens have bond fatigue filling the state’s funding gap for operations and facilities with property taxes! Our School District needs better tools to pay for growth. We are committed to work with the State and school district to ensure quality education. There is work to do.

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