Do The Right is Monday, April 5th- Friday, April 9th, 2021

The City of Meridian, with the help of many partners, hosts an annual community event called Do The Right, held every April. The goal of the day is to encourage people of all ages to do something nice for the person to their right; whether it’s helping a neighbor, giving a classmate a nice note, or buying coffee for a coworker. It is one day intended to start a movement of compassion. For ideas around this, please check out this list of ideas to help get you started HERE

Thank you for your interest in participating in our annual Do the Right campaign. We have created a Digital Media Kit to help local businesses and residents spread this movement of compassion on social media. Please feel free to download the digital media kit to use on your social media platforms in an effort to raise awareness about this important campaign to spread kindness throughout the community. Don't forget to tag us @MeridianIdaho and use #DoTheRight as you share photos and videos of your kindness efforts!

If you lead a business or organization that plans to participate in this year's Do the Right campaign, we'd love to hear about your plans!

* Note: We will do our best to accommodate those requesting stickers, but can not guarantee we will have the quantity required to meet everyone's needs. Please feel free however, to use the digital media kit on this page to amplify the Do the Right message within your organization.


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