#DoTheRight Day is Thursday, April 7, 2022


That’s why the City of Meridian, with the help of many partners, observes DO THE RIGHT every April. The goal of the day is to encourage people of all ages to do something nice for the person to their right—whether it’s helping a neighbor drag their garbage can to the curb, handing a note of appreciation to a classmate, or buying coffee for a coworker. DO THE RIGHT is a single day intended to start a movement of compassion. By taking the time to perform acts of service and kindness, we ensure that our community remains friendly, vibrant, and welcoming to all.


Help us promote kindness by making sure everyone—friends, family members, neighbors, classmates, coworkers—knows about DO THE RIGHT. Here’s how you can help promote our movement of compassion:

1) Spread the word on social media! Download our digital assets kit and use the included graphics to boost awareness of our movement.
2) Add a DO THE RIGHT frame to your Facebook profile picture! INSTRUCTIONS: When logged in to Facebook on a desktop, click on your profile picture, select “Update profile picture,” select “Add Frame,” enter “Do The Right 2022” in the search field, select the appropriate frame, and click on “Use as Profile Picture.” When accessing Facebook on a mobile device, select your profile picture, select “Add Frame,” enter “Do The Right 2022” in the search field, select the appropriate frame, then save.
3) Take photos and videos of your kindness efforts and share them with the world! Don’t forget to tag us (@MeridianIdaho) and use the #DoTheRight hashtag.

Get involved

There are countless ways to get involved with DO THE RIGHT this year:

1) Visit the temporary APPRECIATION STATION in the front lobby of Meridian City Hall between Monday, April 4 and Friday, April 8 to assemble a gratitude gift for the special people in your life. This table includes candy, blank cards, and writing instruments.
2) Print a KINDNESS CARD or pick one up from the front lobby of Meridian City Hall—and use it to guide and inspire your kindness efforts on DO THE RIGHT day. If you document your actions with a photo or video on social media, be sure to tag us (@MeridianIdaho) with the #DoTheRight hashtag. We'd love to see how you're promoting kindness and compassion in the community!
3) Plan an act of kindness with your team. If you lead a business or organization that plans to participate in this year’s DO THE RIGHT campaign, we’d love to hear about your plans! Please fill out the form here.

* Note: We will do our best to accommodate those requesting stickers, but can not guarantee we will have the quantity required to meet everyone's needs. Please feel free however, to use the digital media kit on this page to amplify the Do the Right message within your organization.