By 2035, Meridian will be the West’s premier community in which to live, work and raise a family.


Meridian will deliver superior service through committed, equipped employees, dedicated to the stewardship of the public’s resources while being a vibrant, livable and connected community.

Explore Focus Areas

Meridian will responsibly promote growth that enhances its long term comprehensive vision.

  • Develop in Priority Growth Areas
  • Implement the Comprehensive Plan
  • New growth pays for City Services
  • Improve housing affordability
  • Improve design standards and quality

    Outcome Measure:
  • Improved rating on citizen survey as a city that is planning for future growth and development

Meridian will prioritize infrastructure improvements for a safe and connected community.

  • Widen roads and improve intersections
  • Improve sidewalk connections and accessibility
  • Enhance our pathway network
  • Invest in street lighting and safety.

    Outcome Measure:
  • Achievement of the top three transportation improvements.

Meridian will ensure business and economic vitality to meet community needs.

  • Recruit and retain targeted industries
  • Support development of family wage jobs
  • Prioritize business investment and expansion
  • Prioritize Downtown development
  • Plan for the future of our Urban Center

    Outcome Measure:
  • Improved rating on a place to start/do business and as a city
  • Improved rating on is developing a strong local economy.

Meridian will invest in public safety and public health.

  • Create innovative, clean and compliant utilities
  • Enhance neighborhood engagement strategies
  • Execute Police strategies for safety
  • Execute Fire strategies for safety
  • Ensure accessibility to health care services

    Outcome Measure:
  • Improvement on how well the City is protecting the quality of the air and water
  • Improvement on how well the City is ensuring public safety

Meridian will embrace sustainable practices, preserve natural spaces, and create art and cultural opportunities.

  • Develop and maintain premier open spaces
  • Execute sustainable and environmentally sound projects
  • Deliver vibrant community events, spaces and offerings
  • Support historic preservation and cultural heritage

    Outcome Measure:
  • Improvement on the city is an ideal place to live

Meridian will encourage open, transparent and approachable government.

  • Increase government accessibility and transparency
  • Leverage partners to achieve community priorities
  • Innovate policies and procedures
  • Improve service delivery through data
  • Invest in employee development and advancement

    Outcome Measure:
  • Improvement on the City is using your tax dollars wisely
  • Improvement on heading in the right direction