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Being the mayor of a city or the president of a big company is hard work! But no matter how busy we are we always make time for reading. So let’s talk about books!

Join Mayor Tammy and the leaders of some great local companies as they get together to talk about some really good books…some serious and some full of fun and fantasy.

Recognized by the Association of Idaho Cities with a City Achievement Award, the Mayor & CEO’s Kids Book Club is a program that improves the quality of life in Meridian and emphasizes that it is true what they say… Reading Makes You Wise!


Many children never pick up a book outside of school, some by their own choice and others because their families do not have books in the house for various reasons. As caring adults we feel it is important that Meridian children begin to build their own personal library, learn to revel in the idea of a good story, and appreciate the informational and entertainment value of books.

By creating the Mayor & CEO s Kids Book Club, we felt we could offer valuable mentoring to local youth in the area of literacy. Also, by encouraging a group of children to all read and discuss the same text, we felt we could turn reading into a shared experience in which kids and adults learn to appreciate good books together.

This award winning program offers local girls and boys in grades 3, 4 and 5 the opportunity to spend quality time each month discussing a book with the Mayor and other community leaders (business owners, presidents, and CEOs) who impart to them the importance and joy of reading and show them that it s true that readers are leaders and vice-versa.

Meeting Schedule:

The Mayor & CEO s Kids Book Club meets the first Thursday of each month during the school year, excluding major holidays, at 6:30 pm.

Membership and How to Join:

Meridian school children in grades 3, 4, and 5 may enroll to participate in the Mayor & CEO s Kids Book Club on a space-available basis. The club is currently able to accommodate a maximum of 45 children at any given time. Detailed information about the club, including attendance expectations and how the issuing of books is handled, is available through the Meridian Library s Children’s Programming (Phone: 888-4451).

Because space is limited to ensure a high-quality experience for all participants, parents must pre-register their children in advance through the Meridian Library. There is no application form or fee to be a member.

View a pdf containing the Book List & Leader Readers.

For Additional Information:

To inquire about becoming a leader reader and sponsorship opportunities, or learn more about the Mayor & CEO’s Kids Book Club, please contact the Meridian Mayor’s Office at 489-0529.

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