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You're young, but that doesn't mean you can't change the world!
If you were given 5 minutes and 20 slides what idea would you share?

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Ignite Youth is an annual “idea” event that brings together students, leaders, followers, geeks, academics, jocks, hicks, ski bums, and many others together to share their unique idea. We want to ignite a creative revolution from those who will truly change the world. You dream it, you present it. Presentations are brief (5 minutes) and very fast paced. It’s your opportunity to learn something new or share an idea!

This year’s special category is Suicide Prevention.

One winning speech in this category will win a cash prize of $100. The topic can be addressed by speaking on positive activities, how to build a network on support, definition of resilience, how to access local resources or simply what brings a smile to your face.

Judges select winners based on creativity, delivery and timing.

The Goal:

Bringing together students from across the valley to create new ideas, thoughts or revolutions, and maybe just maybe inspire someone to look at life a little bit differently.

How it Works:

Presenters each get five minutes and 20 slides (automatically rotating every 15 seconds) to talk on a topic of their choice. Anyone 18 years of age and younger are eligible to participate, however due to the limitations of space and time, only a handful will be selected to present at each event.

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Ignite Youth is FREE for participants and spectators!


The participation deadline has been extended to 5 pm on Monday, Feb. 19.
Simply submit your idea and then get to working on your slides.

The event is Monday, Feb. 26 at 7 pm.
at 936 Taylor Ave (Next to Meridian Homecourt)

Check out past presentations here


Renee White
Recreation Coordinator
(208) 489-0564

Ignite Youth 2018 Participant Flyer

Ignite Youth 2018 Event Poster

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