Mayor Tammy’s Walking Club was established by Mayor Tammy to encourage and challenge all Meridian elementary schools in the West Ada School District to promote healthy and active lifestyles amongst the youth of our community – to start them young, so they will carry a healthy and active lifestyle well into their adulthood. The club kicked off in 2015 with 12 schools. During that year 6,900 students walked a combined 83,161 miles! The Walking Club takes place in the Fall and Spring. Mayor Tammy’s office coordinates the details with participating elementary schools. Each school establishes a schedule with set times for the students to walk or run throughout the week, beginning in the Fall and continuing into the Spring. Mayor Tammy commits to walking with the students from participating schools once in the Fall and once in the Spring. The elementary schools are responsible for providing a method to track each student’s laps around the school’s track.

Classes within each participating elementary school compete against each other, not with other schools due to differences in walk/run schedules. At the end of the school year, each classroom tallies up the total miles to figure an average number of miles per student. The classrooms with the top three highest miles per student from each elementary school receive prizes!

For more information, call the Mayor’s Office at 489-0529.

Students enthusiasticall participating in Mayor Tammy's Walking Club

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