Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update

The City of Meridian is currently working on an update to its Meridian Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

The Master Plan is a detailed and comprehensive document which helps guide the direction, growth and delivery of the department’s services over several years. It encompasses parks, pathways, recreational activities, community events, and the arts and cultural opportunities offered to Meridian’s residents and visitors.

In 2015, the Meridian Parks and Recreation Department developed its first comprehensive Master Plan. (You can find a link to it below.) This plan has served as an integral part of our ongoing efforts to meet the needs of current and future residents and position Meridian to build on our city’s unique parks and recreation assets and identify new opportunities. In the six years since the original Parks and Recreation Master Plan was created, Meridian has experienced unprecedented population growth, necessitating a Master Plan Update.

Since mid-November of 2021, we’ve been working closely with parks and recreation planning experts, as well as city council members, parks commissioners, and members of the public in a planning process that is engaging stakeholders and garnering public input and will result in an updated Parks and Recreation Master Plan for Meridian. Together we’ve been strategically examining our community’s vision; existing community services, facilities, and resources; and assessing future needs and wishes concerning our parks and recreation system. In-person and virtual focus group meetings, a public forum, and an online survey are all helping us learn more about how we can best prioritize and fulfill the future needs and expectations of our community.

Findings, reports and information will be posted here as they become available.

Survey Results & Parks Inventory Presentation

Survey Results & Parks Presentation Meeting Recording

Results of November 2021 Focus Group Sessions(PDF)

Meridian Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Master Plan’s Supporting Materials

Master Plan Park Concepts for Our Future Parks:

Park Concept: 77-Acre South Meridian Property

Park Concept #1: 47-Acre West Meridian Property

Park Concept #2: 47-Acre West Meridian Property

Park Concept: Margaret Aldape Park

Master Plan Executive Summary:

Executive Summary

Master Plan Appendices:

Trends Report

Public Input Detail

Survey Report

Sample Sponsorship Policy

Sample Partnership Policy

GRASP® Methodology:


Map B1

Map B2

Map B3

Map B4

Map B5

Meridian System Map

Meridian Trails Map

Map C1

Map C2

Map C3

Map C4

Map C5

Urban Forestry Management Plan

Results of the Spring 2015 Parks and Recreation Survey

As part of its master planning process, the Meridian Parks and Recreation Department commissioned a citizen survey to gather information that will help guide its future planning effort. The results of that survey can be found at these two links:

Survey Results | PDF

Urban Forestry Management Plan