The Meridian Parks and Recreation Department is a proud supporter of Girl and Boy Scouts who wish to complete Gold Award and Eagle Scout Award projects within Meridian’s city parks.

We are able to partner with only a few of the many scouts who apply each season. Your project proposal is most likely to be accepted when:

  1. The project will have a lasting legacy in our city.

  2. The project is not too simple or too complex- it meets the Scouting organization's requirements and can be completed with limited parental or adult involvement.

  3. The project proposal includes detailed information about project materials and expenses.

  4. The scout communicates professionally (in phone calls, meetings, emails, etc.) with the city coordinator.

  5. The project proposal is submitted well in advance.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss one of the staff-appointed projects below, contact Chelsea Cantrell at 208-888-3579 or

Staff Appointed Projects

There are no Staff Appointed Projects available at this time. Please submit your original proposal here