Public Hearing Notices


2022 Meeting Schedule

These notices are a courtesy and are not official until they are published in the newspaper of record.
Hearing Dates are subject to change. Official notices are published in The Idaho Press at least ten days prior to the date of Public Hearing.

Meeting TypeHearing DateProject DescriptionLinkFile Link
City Council07/19/2022Bountiful Commons East H-2022-0015: For a Modification to the Existing Development Agreement (Linder Mixed Use - Inst. #2018-052340) to update the conceptual development plan and building elevations and a Combined Preliminary and Final Plat consisting of three (3) building lots on 2.20 acres of land in the C-C zoning district, located at 5960 and 5984 N. Linder Rd. Application Materials
City Council07/19/2022Fairbourne Subdivision No. 3 (Lots 11 and 12, Block 3) H-2022-0041: To vacate a public utilities easement between Lots 11 and 12, Block 3., located between Lots 11 and 12, Block 3 of the Fairbourne Subdivision No. 3, North of W. Chinden Blvd. and West of N. Black Cat Rd.Application Materials
Planning and Zoning07/21/2022Meridian Academy Play Field H-2022-0031: For a Rezone of 13.8 acres of land from the I-L to the C-G zoning district to allow a sports field expansion, located at 2311 E. Lanark StreetApplication Materials
Planning and Zoning07/21/2022Hickory Warehouse H-2022-0040: For a Conditional Use Permit to allow mechanical equipment emissions, shipping and/or delivery or other outdoor activity areas within 300 feet from an abutting residential district in the I-L zoning district, located at 1135 N. Hickory Ave.Application Materials
Planning and Zoning07/21/2022Slatestone Subdivision H-2022-0039: For an Annexation and Zoning of 5.04 acres of land with a request for the R-8 zoning district and a preliminary plat consisting of 15 single-family building lots and 4 common lots on 4.85 acres in the requested R-8 Zoning district., located at 2707 S Stoddard RoadApplication Materials
Planning and Zoning07/21/2022Lavender Place Subdivision H-2022-0036: For a Preliminary Plat consisting of four (4) single-family attached building lots and 26 single-family townhome lots on approximately 3.79 acres of land in the R-40 zoning district and a Conditional Use Permit to construct the requested 26 townhome lots within the R-40 zoning district., located at 2160 E. Lake Hazel Rd.Application Materials
Planning and Zoning07/21/2022Ten Mile Public Storage H-2022-0016 (continued from June 2, 2022): For an Annexation consisting of 5.797 acres of land with the I-L zoning district and a request for elimination of the required 25ft. residential landscape buffer to allow two self-storage buildings, located at at 4065 N. Ten Mile Rd. Application Materials
City Council07/26/2022East Ridge Subdivision H-2022-0037: For a Development Agreement Modification to remove single-level limitation on single family residences within Impressive East Ridge Subdivision No. 2 and No. 3 (Village Product Area)., located at North of E. Lake Hazel Rd. between S. Locust Grove Rd. and S. Eagle Rd. on Lots 1-46, Block 4 of Impressive East Ridge Subdivision No. 2 and Parcel S1132438570 in the SW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 33, Township 3N, Range 1E.Application Materials
Planning and Zoning08/04/2022Torino Locust Grove Subdivision H-2022-0038: For an Annexation and Zoning of 1.03 acres of land from R-1 in Ada County to the R-8 zoning district., located at 870 S. Locust Grove Rd.Application Materials
Planning and Zoning08/04/2022Overland & Wells II H-2022-0030: For a Development Agreement Modification to change the existing development plan (Inst. #2016-060157) on the northern portion of the site from a retail grocery store to multi-family residential and a Conditional Use Permit for a multi-family development consisting of 351 apartment units on 11.65 acres of land in the C-G zoning district at a gross density of 30.21 units per acre, located at 2600 E. Overland Rd.Application Materials
City Council08/09/2022Brightstar Overland H-2022-0044: For a Development Agreement Modification to modify the existing Development Agreement (Inst.#105127512) to include residential care facilities as an allowed use on the site., located at 2940 E. Overland Rd.Application Materials
City Council08/16/2022Black Cat Industrial Project H-2021-0064: For Annexation of 126.57 acres of land with R-15 and I-L zoning districts, located at 350, 745, and 955 S. Black Cat Rd. and Parcel S1216131860. CONTINUED FROM APRIL 26, 2022Application Materials