Public Hearing Notice Updates

Meeting TypeHearing DateProject DescriptionLinkFile Link
City Council05/21/2019Orchard Creek Pump House H-2019-0052: For a Variance from the dimensional standards of the R-8 district listed in UDC Table 11-2A-6 to allow for the construction of a 350 square foot structure within the required setbacks and street landscape buffer, and located North Side of Lake Hazel Road; East of S. Eagle Road (Lot 1, Block 1 of Bicentennial Farms No. 1).Application Materials
City Council05/21/2019Pollard Subdivision H-2019-0021: For Annexation and Zoning of 77.33 acres of land with R-8 (21.95 acres) and C-G (55.38 acres) zoning districts; and a Preliminary Plat consisting of 75 building lots, 7 common lots and 3 other lots on 71.2 acres of land in the R-8 and C-G zoning districts for Pollard Subdivision H-2019-0021. Located NE Corner of SH-16 and W. Chinden Blvd.Application Materials
City Council05/28/2019Gander Creek H-2019-0013: For Annexation and Zoning of 125.68 acres of land with an R-8 zoning district and a Preliminary Plat consisting of 401 building lots, 55 common lots and 5 other lots on 117.10 acres of land in the R-8 zoning district. Located at the SW Corner of N. McDermott Rd. and W. McMillan Rd.Application Materials
City Council05/28/2019Wagner Farms H-2019-0035: For An Ammendment to the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map to change the land use designation on 2.46 acres of land from Low Density Residential to Commercial, and Annexation and Zoning of 2.46 acres of land from the RUT (Rural to Urban Transit) zoning district to a C-C (Community Business) zoning district for future addition of a convenience store and fuel sales facility to the existing farmers market located 3240 W. Chinden Blvd.Application Materials
City Council05/28/2019Bainbridge Southeast H-2019-0042: For a Preliminary Plat consisting of 21 building lots and 7 common lots on 5.25 acres of land in the R-8 zoning district, located on the West side of N. Ten Mile Rd., approximately 1/2 mile South of W. Chinden Blvd./SH-20/26Application Materials
City Council06/04/2019Creamline Park H-2019-0060: For a Modified Development Agreement Modification to the existing Development Agreement (Inst. #107022431) consistent with the I-L zoning approved with the rezone (H-2018-0051), located at 48 & 71 NW 13th Place and 1220 & 1480 W. Franklin Rd.Application Materials
City Council06/04/2019Main2Meridian H-2019-0057: For a Variance to vacate a portion of the public utilities and drainage easement located on lots 2 and 3, block 1 of Renewal Place Subdivision, located at 703 and 713 N. Main St.Application Materials
City Council06/11/2019Residential Self-Service Storage Facility H-2019-0034: For a Text Amendment to create a new residential self-storage use that includes a definition; specific use standards and specifies conditional use approval in the R-15 and R-40 zoning districts.Application Materials
City Council06/11/2019Goff H-2019-0061: To Modify the Development Agreement, recorded as Instrument No. 111072107, to remove the previous conceptual development plan and associated provisions from the agreement, and located 1725 W. Pine StApplication Materials
Planning and Zoning06/20/2019Silver Springs H-2019-0058: For Annexation and Zoning of 5.19 acres of land with an R-4 zoning district, and a Preliminary Plat consisting of 57 building lots and 6 common lots on 19.74 acres of land in the R-4 zoning district. Located at 1035, 1157, 805 & 905 E. McMillan Rd.Application Materials
City Council06/11/20192019 UDC Text Amendment H-2019-0049 (Continued from May 2, 2019): to update certain sections of the UDC pertaining to notification of violations and definitions in Chapter 1; residential dimensional standards and allowed use tables in Chapter 2; ditches, laterals, canals or drainage courses; outdoor lighting; outdoor storage; traveling living quarters; landscape standards; parking standards; qualified open space and variance processing in Chapter 3; specific use standards for educational institution, indoor shooting range, multi-family development and restaurant in Chapter 4; public hearing, fees, variances and alternative compliance in Chapter 5 AND other miscellaneous sections, by City of Meridian Planning DivisionApplication Materials