Adopted Future Land Use Map | 36"x48" large format PDF

Interactive Future Land Use Map | City of Meridian Webpage (New Window)


Map Notes:

Symbols with halos indicate general future facility locations. These symbols are not parcel specific and may float to nearby areas.

Land use designations in the Ten Mile Interchange Specific Area are different from the rest of the City, even when they share a name. Designations for that area are described in the Ten Mile Interchange Specific Area Plan.

The information shown on this map is compiled from various sources and is subject to constant revision. The City of Meridian makes no warranty or guarantee as to the content, suitability, accuracy, timeliness, or completeness, or reliability of any of the data provided, for any purpose, and assumes no legal responsibility for the information contained on this map.

This map is intended to work in tandem with the policies of the Comprehensive Plan to serve as a guide for future land use patterns within Meridian’s AOCI. Land use patterns depicted on the map are generalized, recognizing that development proposals may contain a mixture of land uses and density levels to achieve the intent of the Comprehensive Plan. All development is subject to City zoning and other development standards and performance guidelines.


For quick reference information on each of the future land use designations depicted on the Future Land Use Map, see: Future Land Use Designation Cut Sheets (City of Meridian Webpage).