We are pleased to offer our citizens, businesses, and visitors access to government services online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Permit Information

Permit information for Community Development is viewable through our Citizen Access Portal. Simple search capability is available without a user account. Registering for a Public User account does give the user the ability to view and print permits, inspections, fees, payments, documents (which include but not limited to Certificate of Occupancies) and see status of the permits. Registering is a free, one-time process. Each tab identifies the available databases within the City of Meridian system.

Drawings and Documents

Drawings/Documents submitted for review and approval are viewable through our plan review software Project Dox. To login, use the following information:

  • Email: PublicUser@meridiancity.org (valid for log-in purposes only)
  • Password: Meridian1 (Password is Case Sensitive)

Once logged in, select All Projects and use the search functions of Project (Permit Number), Description (Project Name) etc.

Other City Records

For other public records, including public hearing information and permanent records, see the City Clerk’s website.