Meridian is working to create an extensive bikeway and pathway network for its citizens and visitors that will provide more options for recreational and commuting cyclists and pedestrians. Pathways are typically constructed and maintained by either developers or the Meridian Parks Department, while on-street sidewalks are typically constructed and maintained by the Ada County Highway District (ACHD).

Multi-use Pathways

The Meridian Pathways Master Plan is a tool used to guide pathway development over the next 20 to 50 years. The Plan proposes an extensive pathway network stemming from the existing canal system within and around the City. The Plan includes an inventory of existing pathways and micro-paths, as well as a comprehensive network of future pathways that will connect residents to schools, parks, businesses, neighborhoods, and various recreational and entertainment destinations. For more information on the City’s pathway plan click here: Meridian Pathways Master Plan.

Pathways Map

Roadways to Bikeways

The ACHD Roadways to Bikeways Plan was adopted in the summer 2009. The Plan “provides a broad vision, policy, goals and objectives for how the ACHD can facilitate and improve conditions for bicycling in Ada County over the next fifty years. The Plan envisions an interconnected bicycle network that connects local neighborhoods, schools, public facilities, business districts and environmental features” (ACHD website). The Plan will guide on-street improvements for cyclists as development and roadway construction/reconstruction occurs. For more information on Roadways to Bikeways, please click here: Roadways to Bikeways Plan. For a map showing current and future bicycle facilities, click here.

Community Programs and Safe Routes to Schools

Community Programs includes future pedestrian/bicyclist projects. These ACHD-funded projects are developed to expand and enhance a safe, efficient, and accessible pedestrian and bicycle network for all residents of Ada County. Community Programs projects emphasize safe routes to school, support the reduction of school safety busing, work toward ADA compliance countywide, and encourage community and neighborhood involvement. ACHD accepts project applications from neighborhood organizations annually. For more information, please contact ACHD’s Planning & Programming Division at 208-387-6119. Or, visit ACHD’s Community Programs webpage.

For additional information on safe routes to school, or to request a personalized map and route to a school in your area, please contact the Neighborhood Relations Department at ACHD at 208-387-6147, or visit ACHD’s Safe Routes to School webpage.

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