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Traffic Team

Traffic has increased in the last few years. Meridian is geographically placed in the center of the Treasure Valley resulting in a large amount of commuter traffic traveling through Meridian everyday. In the last few years as Meridian has grown we have experienced an increase in the amount of traffic, so an emphasis has been placed on managing our traffic safety issues. Although our traffic has increased, Meridian has been able to steadily reduce the number of crashes in our city.

The Meridian Police Department is committed to reducing all crashes with an emphasis in a reduction of injury crashes. We have a dedicated traffic team whose primary function is to reduce crashes through the use of education, prevention, and enforcement. Officers from the traffic team are commonly found on the roadside engaged in enforcement activities and/or investigating vehicle collisions. Traffic Team members share their message of safe driving with school classes, civic groups, and other organizations.

The City of Meridian has been one of the leading cities in Idaho to institute an ordinance prohibiting texting while driving (MCC 7-1-9). Texting while driving is only one form of distracted driving, but has increasingly become a contributing circumstance to the crashes officers are investigating.

If you have any questions regarding traffic issues and/or would like to request that the speed trailer be placed in your neighborhood contact Sgt. Justin Dance at (208) 846-7397.

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