Code Enforcement Officers conduct thousands of inspections a year and take pride in maintaining community standards and preventing the reduction of property values.

To report a potential code violation, call Meridian Code Enforcement at 208-846-7326 or use the online complaint form.

Code Enforcement Responsibilities

Code Enforcement Officers investigate and enforce city ordinances, including zoning codes, building codes, parking violations, and permit violations.

Officers also work to prevent and abate nuisances on private property such as:

Photo of a house with tall weeds in yard.

Weeds over 8 inches tall, noxious, or a fire hazard

Photo of broken down car with pieces missing parked on private property

Junk Motor Vehicles on Private Property

Photo of dozens of boxes piled on sidewalk in front of a house

Sidewalk Obstructions

Photo of house with large amounts of junk such as tires and vehicles in yard

Junk Properties

Photo of garage door with graffiti spray painted on it

Graffiti on Private and Commercial Properties

Photo of a cloudy liquid being poured from a red container into a storm drain

Nuisance Material Dumped/Leaked Ground


Code Enforcement
Meridian Police Department
1401 E Watertower St
Meridian, ID 83642

Phone: (208) 846-7326

Fax: (208) 846-7366


Monday - Friday
8 am - 5 pm
(excluding City recognized holidays)

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