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“Over half our community members have been impacted by drug abuse and nearly a quarter of crimes reported in Meridian are drug related.”
--Meridian Anti-Drug Coaltition (MADC) & Meridian Police Department
sunset photo with silhouettes of children holding hands. Text overlay: Strengthening our Community

The Meridian Police Department works continuously to strengthen our community through substance abuse prevention. These efforts are overseen by a full time Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator and a part time Anti-Drug Coordinator and are done largely through The Meridian Anti-Drug Coalition.

For more than a decade the coalition has been a key force in the department’s mission to provide the highest quality of service, in partnership with our community, to preserve and protect life and property through education, prevention and enforcement as it relates to substance abuse.

With over 30 educational prevention events held each year and monthly coalition meetings open to the public there is ample opportunity to learn about how drug abuse is affecting our community, how it can impact your family, and how to prevent it in the first place. Twice monthly coalition email updates provide important information on the latest news, research, events and monthly meeting dialog.

For more information about becoming a member of the coalition, adding your email to the distribution list, volunteer opportunities and access to great resources, visit the Meridian Anti-Drug Coalition webpage or call 208-846-7313.

You can also follow Meridian MADC and Meridian PD on Facebook.