5 police officers standing with their patrol bikes

The Meridian Department Bike Patrol Unity was established in the late 1990's specifically for use during special events.

3 Bike Patrol Officers, smiling

In 2008 the Bike Unit was deployed throughout the summer and fall as a way to provide additional safety and security within city parks, pathways, business districts, subdivisions and during special events.

Officers patrolling on bikes

The bike unit also focused its attention on educating the youth through bike and pedestrian safety training as well as through enforcement and prevention which consisted fo educating the public (families, business owners and the youth in Meridian) on current crime trends and drug issues throughout the city.

Bike Patrol officers at an event in a City park

As the city has grown, so has the bike unit. The bike team is currently staffed with 5 bike officers and has become a main stay in the city and a integral part of making Meridian a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

a patrol bike near a pong at sunset

Bike Patrol Officers standing together and smiling

Safe Cycling Tips

Bicycle/Pedestrian State Laws