Police officers with k9 dogs

Canine named Arco
K9 Arco (handler: Officer Albers)

Canine named Dory
K9 Dory (handler: Officer Cushing)

Canine named Gus
K9 Gus (handler: Officer Vogt)

Canine named Randy
K9 Randy (handler: Officer Lee)

Canine named Wyatt
(K9 Wyatt (handler: Officer Marston)


To protect our community by assisting officers of the Meridian Police Department and surrounding agencies with locating illegal drugs and apprehending serious/violent criminals.

Unit Organization:

The K9 Unit is currently comprised of five (5) officer/canine teams with four of the teams being dual-purpose (drug detection & criminal apprehension) and one being single-purpose (drug dection only). The unit is supervised by an assigned Lieutenant and Sergeant.

Drug Detection

All of the department canines are certified in the State of Idaho to find Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, and Heroin. Primarily, the canine teams assist fellow officers with locating these illegal drugs in vehicles during traffic stops. The canine teams are also utilized inside residences and schools.

Criminal Apprehension

In addition to drug detection certification, four of the department canine teams are also state certified in criminal apprehension. These canine teams assist fellow officers in the apprehension of serious/violent suspects. They are primarily used for major crimes in progress, such as burglary, robbery, domestic battery and many other situations where a suspect possess an immediate/signifigant threat to the public and officers.

K9 Unit History

The Meridian Police Department had working canine teams dating back as far as the late 1960's or early 1970's. The dogs used at that time were German Shepherds. The modern K9 Unit began in the late 1990's with a single-purpose Yellow Lab trained in drug detection, and two dual-purpose Belgian Malinois. Today, the unit has one single-purpose Yellow Lab trained in drug detection, and four dual-purpose Belgian Malinois.

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