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Before You Dig - 811


Before you start any project where digging is involved, even in your yard, you are required by law to call Digline.


811 Call before you dig graphic

Don't pay for a costly mistake that can easily be prevented. Underground power, gas, and water lines can cause significant injury and damage if struck. Before you start any type of construction or excavation projects on or near your home, call 811 to identify all underground utilities.

This single call will connect you to Idaho's one-call underground notification center which in turn will notify all of the utility providers in your area. Upon receiving notice, they will then mark their facilities around your property within 48 hours at no cost to you. You can also submit an online locate request at

APWA Uniform Color Codes

  Electric Power Lines, Cables, Conduit. and Lighting Cables.
  Communications, Alarm or Signal Lines, Cables or Conduit, Traffic Loops.
  Gas, Oil, Steam, Petroleum, Gaseous Materials.
  Potable Water
  Reclaimed Water, Irrigation, Slurry Lines.
  Sewers and Drain Lines.
  Outlining Dig Site
  Temporary Survey Marks

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