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Food Service Establishment Excellence Awards

The City of Meridian’s Pretreatment Program selects up to three restaurants that consistently demonstrate superior pollution prevention Best Management Practices (BMPs) to control the discharge of wastewater containing Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) from entering the City’s sanitary sewer system. Each year the Pretreatment Program’s Staff reviews the previous year’s restaurant facility inspection reports conducted by the Pretreatment Program in order to determine the best BMPs operations and award recipients. An award plaque is presented to each award recipient to display at each business location; photos and a press release are also implemented by the City. FSE Excellence Awards Criteria and past winners can be seen below.

Award Criteria

Grease Interceptor, Grease Trap, or Automatic Grease Removal Unit

  • Cleaning is properly managed and adheres to the cleaning schedule or occurs more
    frequently than required.
  • Equipment area is clean and free from debris and litter.
  • Equipment deficiencies are corrected in a timely manner as communicated.
  • Maintenance records are retained for a period of three years and made available upon request in a timely manner.

Spent Cooking Oil Disposal Area

  • Spent cooking oil is stored properly and may be collected by a rendering company or recycled for use in other products.
  • The container storage area is clean and free from debris and litter.

Kitchen Operations

  • Fats, oil, and grease are recommended to be scraped from pots, pans, and cooking
    utensils and disposed of in the trash.
  • All kitchen equipment, including floor mats, exhaust filter screens, and fry racks, are
    cleaned inside the kitchen with drainage to grease abatement equipment. The use of strong vaporous cleaning chemicals used for cleaning purposes outside of the
    building shall be capture and retain wastewater for proper disposal.
  • Enzymes, bio-additives, emulsifying agents or other similar chemicals are not
    allowed to be introduced directly into a grease interceptor to reduce the cleaning
  • The Meridian City BMPs poster is highly recommended to be displayed in the
    kitchen area to assist employees.
  • Reduce the temperature of greasy wastewater from a triple sink prior to discharge to an under-the-sink grease abatement unit located close to the sink; to prevent passthrough of grease to sewer.
  • Spills are cleaned up using absorbent materials or paper products and disposed to
  • Kitchen floor sinks may have optional food particle screens to collect solids prior to
    the grease interceptor.

Past Food Service Establishment Award Winners


Joe Momma’s Breakfast Eatery  
Fujiyama Japanese Restaurant  
Pizza Hut Store #2148  




Big Jud’s  
The Gyro Shack  
Buffalo Wild Wings 


Ram Restaurant and Brewhouse  
Blue Cross of Idaho and Sodexo  
The Village at Meridian, owned and managed by CenterCal Properties


Beef ‘O’ Brady’s
Guckenheimer and Scentsy Commons Café
Gino’s Italian Ristorante


Hungry Onion
Red Pavilion


Ed’s 50’s Cafe
Five Guys Burgers
The Club at SpurWing


Steve’s Cafe

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