The City of Meridian disconnects water for non-payment two (2) times a month as directed and approved by the City Council.

Non-payment notifications

The Billing Department mails three (3) written notifications (combination of monthly bills and delinquent notice) before disconnection of service with a final payment deadline listed on the second and third notifications. All delinquent payments must be received by close of business of the date listed on those notices

When disconnection and reinstatement happens

A list of the accounts slated for shut off is generated by the Billing Department and is provided to the Water Department staff to create a route for disconnection of water services. The Water Department staff disconnects the water service to all properties on the list. Turn-offs are generally completed between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. (noon). Payments are accepted and updated as received. At 1:00 p.m., the Water Department will begin to reinstate services on those accounts that have made the appropriate payment.

What to do if your water was disconnected due to non-payment

If your services were disconnected due to non-payment, they can be restored same day with a payment of the past due balance made by 7:00pm using one of our payment portals; online or by phone. In order to use either option you will need your account number as listed on your utility billings & notices. Once completed a confirmation number is provided to you and the status of your account will be updated in the field for service restoration. In order for your services to be restored tonight, a payment of the past due balance must be posted to the system by 7:00pm

Payment options

While cash or checks will need to be processed in the office during normal business hours (M-F, 8-5 excluding holidays or special closures), payments made using Visa or MasterCard can be accepted 24/7 through our website ( or by phone at 1-844-756-3743.

Payments CANNOT be accepted in the field by the water service person(s).

NOTE: If you make a payment after 7:00pm, your services will not be restored until the next business day.

Illegal turn-ons

If your water services have been disconnected, DO NOT cut the padlock and reactivate your services. This is considered an ILLEGAL TURN-ON. Meters found turned “on” illegally are removed until the account balance and any additional fees or damages are paid.

Water emergencies

If you have a water emergency please contact the Water Department at 208-888-5242.

The after hours emergency number is not intended for service restoration due to non-payment terminations.

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