Aerial view of wastewater plant

Wastewater Master Plan

The Wastewater Division operates and maintains a centralized wastewater treatment facility and over 400 miles of sewer lines located throughout the city.

The primary objective of the Wastewater Division is the protection of our water supply. The wastewater that flows into our facility is processed to safeguard the health of our citizens and employees.

To reduce the demands on water resources some of the wastewater is reclaimed using advanced treatment technology. This water can be used for a variety of beneficial uses such as irrigation or in industrial processes.

What’s New

Take a journey from a typical house, through the collection system to the wastewater plant, and then through each step of the treatment process. What you do impacts how Meridian manages the wastewater treatment plant.

Billing and account activity questions should be directed to 208-888-4439 or e-mail.

Wastewater Division

3401 N. Ten Mile Road
Meridian, Idaho 83646

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