Maintenance functions include maintenance of the Wastewater Treatment Plant and equipment along with Collection System equipment (mainly lift stations). Maintenance activities include the application of a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance program (PM) and scheduled repairs.

There are three main types of maintenance activities:

PM or preventative, which is scheduled through the Hansen Infrastructure, Management System (to be implemented in 2009). Preventative maintenance includes scheduled weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual maintenance.

Scheduled Maintenance includes failures detected through the PM activity, problems detected by operator or maintenance personnel throughout the operating period, and problems detected by Collection System personnel.

Unscheduled Maintenance. Unscheduled maintenance is considered the removal, repair, and replacement of failed components.

The equipment PM cycle is initially based on manufacture recommendations and refined through the failure information and data analysis from the data management system.

Predictive maintenance includes scheduled inspections, infrared thermal inspections, vibration analysis, oil analysis and sound level measurements.

Scheduled equipment replacement is based on the failure rate and repair costs.

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