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DON’T FLUSH your unused medications!

Take unwanted medications to:

Meridian Police Department
1401 E. Watertower Dr.
Meridian, Idaho 83642
Mon-Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

It’s free, anonymous & convenient.

Safe disposal of leftover prescriptions & over–the-counter drugs will:

a) Reduce problematic effects in our water quality and wildlife;

FACT - Pharmaceutical pollution negatively impacts fish and aquatic organisms.

b) Reduce accidental child poisoning;

FACT - Over 90% of poisonings in children occur in the home.

c) Prevent drug abuse by teens.

FACT - Everyday 2,500 kids try a painkiller for the first time.

FACT - When teens want to get high…. Your unused prescription is available for pick up right at your home medicine cabinet.

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