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Please keep fats, oils and grease (FOG) out of your kitchen sink!

When poured down the drain, FOG can build up in pipes and associated equipment, causing significant problems in your drain pipes, sewer system and wastewater treatment facility.

Problems such as sewer line blockages that cause sewer overflows are the result of improper disposal of FOG.

Sewer overflows cause environmental health hazards and property damage that lead to increased maintenance costs resulting higher sewer bills to customers.

Meat fats
Food scraps
Baking goods
Cooking oils
SaucesDairy products


Never pour grease, fats or oils down a kitchen sink drain or garbage disposal. Pour the liquid into glass jars, tin cans or plastic containers. Allow the liquid to cool and throw away in your dry trash.

For greasy pots and pans, pour off and scrap the grease into a container, wipe out the remaining grease and deposit into the dry trash.

Fat Free Drain Kit

The City of Meridian has a free kit for you that include a plastic can topper that fits many different size cans, a grease scraper to clean pots and pans and an information card that illustrates how to use your “Fat Free Drain Kit” in your own kitchen at home.

These kits are available at Meridian City Hall Utility Billing Department located on the first level floor. Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 8am-5pm excluding holidays.

For more information, contact the Pretreatment Program Manager at (208) 985-1248.

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