Environmental Division


The Environmental Division develops and oversees citywide Environmental programs based on City values and Federal, state and local regulatory requirements to ensure the City operates in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner for the benefit of current and future residents.


The Division applies and promotes sustainable policies, procedures and public education in order to foster environmental quality, economic vitality and social benefit in the program component areas of NPDES Permitting, Floodplain Administration, Wastewater Pretreatment, as well as surface and groundwater quality, air quality, energy conservation, sensitive areas and habitat protection, community recycling, as well as other appropriate environmental programs projects, or initiatives. 


What's New

  • Attention kids and parents! Download and enjoy our coloring book. Have fun and learn!

  • The City of Meridian was the recipient of the 2015 National Environmental Achievement Award from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies. The City was selected for its series of animated videos produced by the Environmental Division of the Public Works Department to provide insight on the City’s sustainability efforts as well as operations for drinking water, wastewater, and waste disposal and recycling efforts. Click here to read the article.

  • Learn about how Idahoans use more water per capita than any other state in the country. Click here to read the article.

  • Keep pet waste from polluting our creeks and the Boise River. Just Doo It! Click here for more information!  


 It Starts at Home

Enjoy our graphic animation series "It Starts at Home" and learn how you can positively impact the environment. Click on the images below to watch the video.


ItStartsSWpic   It Starts at Home: Solid Waste and Recycling in Meridian

Experience the trash collection and recycling process from the perspective of a typical Meridian household. Learn how Meridian manages waste, and the simple actions that can help the environment and save you money.



It Starts at Home: Meridian's Water Utility

Learn about Meridian's drinking water sources, treatment, and distribution. Your small actions can conserve the water supply and protect water quality. 


It Starts at Home: Meridian's Wastewater Treatment Plant

Take a journey from a typical house, through the collection system to the wastewater plant, and then through each step of the treatment process. What you do impacts how Meridian manages the wastewater treatment plant.


Jason Korn

Environmental Programs Coordinator



Melanie Hoyt

Administrative Assistant





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