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Initial Point Gallery Call to Artists for Exhibitions

Application Deadline: To be considered for exhibition at Initial Point Gallery in 2025, application materials must be received by 3:00pm on May 31, 2024. After this deadline, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, and artists are welcome to apply at any time for future shows, but will not likely be considered until the next annual jury process for displays in 2026.


This call is open to applicants regardless of race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, or disability. All artists in the Northwest region are welcome to apply, but artists must be present for scheduled installation and removal. All artwork must be of professional quality and must meet display and installation requirements listed below. Selectees are required to enter into an Acceptance Agreement with the City setting forth specific conditions of display. Selectees and invitees may reapply annually; if selected again, 75% of the display must be artwork that has not been previously displayed in Initial Point Gallery. Organizations and informal artist groups are welcome to apply.


Selection Panel and Process

The Meridian Arts Commission advises on arts/cultural policy and promotes public awareness and participation in the arts. All members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council. The Meridian Arts Commission will select the artists to be represented in the gallery and the City of Meridian Arts & Culture Coordinator will notify applicants on commission selection and exhibition offers, send acceptance agreements, and coordinate exhibits. The Meridian Arts Commission typically groups more than one artist in each exhibit and will inform the artists on how much space is assigned to them. In evaluating eligible proposals, the following factors will be considered:
• Adherence to the Call to Artists;
• Quality of artwork represented in images;
• Quality of proposal and level of professionalism;
• Appropriateness of subject and concept for a functioning government workplace;
• Consistency with City policy and community values; and
• Contribution to aesthetic and cultural atmosphere of Meridian City Hall.


Artwork Display, Hanging, and Installation:

The number of artworks to be included in each exhibit depends on the size of the artwork. For two-dimensional works, artists should plan to have around 12 – 18” of space between each artwork to avoid crowding artworks and to allow for labels and breathing room. For three-dimensional works, pieces must fit within the four supplied display cases.

Two-dimensional works displayed in Initial Point Gallery must be comprised of professional-quality, ready-to-hang, original art. Initial Point Gallery is equipped with a track system for hanging two dimensional artwork. Two-dimensional works should not exceed 5’ in height. Two-dimensional artwork will be hung from cables, using hooks, and therefore must be equipped with two D rings (fig. 1) on the side rails on the back of the frame (fig. 2). The inside of each D-ring must allow a space of at least one-quarter inch (¼”) for insertion of the hooks; any wire constricting this space must be removed. The D rings should be approximately a quarter of the distance of the total frame height from the top of the frame (or less) in order to avoid slanting away from the wall. Wires, eyehooks, and clip frames may not be used for hanging. Salon style is possible. Initial Point Gallery also provides four display cases, each with different dimensions (fig. 3), for displaying three-dimensional artwork.

For three-dimensional works, display cases have acrylic tops of varied sizes including: 3½’ tall, 3’ tall, 2½’ tall, and 2’ tall. All display case bases are 2’ wide and 2’ deep. Three-dimensional works may be of any medium, but must fit with the four supplied display cases.

No artwork will be displayed which: cannot be safely hung or displayed using the gallery’s equipment; requires unusual maintenance, handling, or security; or is disruptive or likely to offend the sensibilities of the general public.

The gallery has space to display the artist/exhibit statement and a price list, however, no artwork displayed in Initial Point Gallery may have a visible price tag.

About the Gallery:

Initial Point Gallery is on the third floor of Meridian City Hall, (33 E. Broadway Avenue, Meridian, Idaho), directly across from the Mayor’s Office reception area. The carpeted gallery, filled with natural light, features about 100 feet of wall space for the display of two-dimensional art, as well as four hand-crafted display cases for the exhibition of three-dimensional works of art. 

In addition to the works of local and regional artists, the gallery has hosted works by nation and internationally-known artists. Initial Point Gallery has been chosen as one of only five venues nationwide to host the prestigious annual traveling show of the National Watercolor Society.

Initial Point Gallery is free and open to the public any time during normal Meridian City Hall business hours – generally Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, excluding holidays. Exhibitions generally open on the first Tuesday of the month with special hours and an Artist Reception from 4:30 - 7:00 pm.

The City may promote the artist receptions in the form of social media advertising, posts on community calendar, and/or mention in promotional videos.



Artworks will be treated with professional care in handling and securing all artworks displayed in Initial Point Gallery, but insurance of the artwork shall be the responsibility of the artist. The City of Meridian shall not provide insurance to cover loss, theft, or damage of artwork displayed in Initial Point Gallery.



Artists are responsible for securing their own transportation and lodging.



All sales are managed by the artist directly. Commissioners and City Staff can direct patrons to the artists’ contact information. The Meridian Arts Commission requests that artists voluntarily donate to the Meridian Arts Commission 20% of proceeds from sales of art displayed in Initial Point Gallery. For donations, please write a check made payable to the City of Meridian with a notation “Initial Point Gallery Sales Revenue”, and mail to the Arts and Culture Coordinator at 33 E. Broadway Ave. Ste. 206, Meridian, Idaho 83642.


Questions, via email: Cassandra Schiffler, Arts and Culture Coordinator.

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