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Parks & Recreation Commission

This commission advises on park planning, capital improvements, policies, recreation programs, and budget. The Parks & Recreation Commission shall consist of a minimum of 5 members but not more than 9.Terms are 3 years with the exception of youth members which are 1 year. An appointed member must reside within city limits, or area of impact but no more that 2 members may be appointed from the area of impact. Meetings are held at 5:30pm on the second Wednesday of each month in the City Council Chamber in Meridian City Hall.  

Current Members

Name Seat Appointment Expires
Dom Gelsomino 1 October 31, 2025
Jennifer Bobo 2 October 31, 2025
John Nesmith 3 October 31, 2026
Terry Dennington 4 October 31, 2026
Alan Helms 5 October 31, 2026
Jo D. Greer 6 October 31, 2024
Mandi C. Roberts 7 October 31, 2024
Keith Bevan 8 October 31, 2024
Elle Hood (Youth) 9 September 30, 2024

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