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Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Meridian will deliver superior service through committed, equipped employees, dedicated to the stewardship of the public’s resources while being a vibrant, livable and connected community.

Our Vision

By 2035, Meridian will be the West’s premier community in which to live, work and raise a family.

Our Values

At the City of Meridian, we CARE. That means:

  • Providing the best Customer Service to our community, colleagues, and partners by listening and responding in a timely, friendly, professional, and solution-oriented manner.
  • Exemplifying Accountability by understanding our role in the organization, knowing our jobs, and accepting that each of us is responsible for our own work, choices, and actions. Acting as stewards of the community’s resources, our environment, and our relationships.
  • Showing Respect by being trustworthy and courteous. We honor, accept, and include people with diverse opinions and backgrounds.
  • Demonstrating continual Excellence through professionalism, going beyond the parameters of our job while being creative, innovative, flexible, and adaptable to multiple needs.

As your public servant expect that:

  1. We will acknowledge your inquiry when received and provide you with a meaningful timeline to address your concern. 
  2. We will communicate with you on a time schedule that is open and flexible. 
  3. We will answer your inquiry with discretion respecting your unique situation and work to find a solution through internal and external resources. 
  4. We will encourage and appreciate your feedback on your experience. 
  5. We will do the right thing for our community and each other.  

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