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2020 Annual Report

The year of 2020 will go down in history and I hope beyond the masks and sanitizer, we remember the challenges we faced and the important lessons we learned last year. The biggest was that it takes everyone in the community working together for us to be successful. The responsibility to keep our kids learning, family, friends, and neighbors safe and healthy, and our economy thriving fell on each of us. It was a responsibility none of us could bear alone and required us to work together, adapt, and find new and creative ways of doing things.

We took this to heart here at the City and made a number of adjustments to our daily operations in order to keep our employees and customers safe while allowing City business to move forward. Over the past year, City staff innovated, pivoted, reimagined and changed the way we do business. Whether at home or behind a mask and plexiglass, our team worked to ensure our premier customer standards never wavered.

In the midst of the hardest year we’ve experienced as a community, we continued to press forward to achieve some great accomplishments. When customers couldn’t come to us, we tapped into new technology that allowed us to take City business to the homes and offices of customers. We came to learn the new way of doing business increased transparency, provided more opportunities for customer participation and increased efficiency.

The year shined a bright light on our employees as they proved their dedication to serving Meridian. In this report, you’ll see that we made huge strides in public safety, became a more responsive government, and continued to focus our efforts on becoming the West’s premier city in which to live, work, and raise a family. But don’t take my word for it, look at 2020 in a different light and let’s build on our successes in the coming year!


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