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Responsible Growth

Meridian will responsibly promote growth that enhances its long term comprehensive vision and prioritizes infill development. We will encourage affordable, diverse housing options and high quality communities.

Goals and Strategies

Prioritize investment of city infrastructure and encourage road and school facilities in identified areas to grow responsibly and maximize the delivery of city services.

  • Create development master plans and service roadmaps in NW and SE Meridian for public service providers.
  • Secure resources and partnerships to support growth area project implementation.
  • Support growth that connects to existing infrastructure in Meridian.
  • Develop and utilize tools to enhance community services to high growth areas.


Implement the goals in the community’s Comprehensive Plan to ensure orderly development.

  • Utilize specific area plans to meet future development needs in the community.
  • Identify specific incentives and performance standards for infill priority areas.
  • Ensure the entitlement process considers the aggregate impacts of land use decisions city-wide.
  • Update all current master planning and operational planning documents to reflect the Comprehensive and Strategic Plan Goals.


Utilize impact fees, cooperative agreements, urban renewal districts and other tools to ensure that development pays its proportionate share of services impacts.

  • Deploy Local Improvement Districts and Community Infrastructure Districts where appropriate.
  • Utilize urban renewal districts for redevelopment and infrastructure needs in the community.
  • Leverage impact fees to pay for needed services due to growth with City, County and other public service providers.
  • Evaluate other financial instruments and tools to meet future city growth projections.
  • Complete a Utility Cost of Service Study and implement recommendations to equitably recover the cost of operations and growth.


Establish enhanced housing affordability options in new subdivisions to create additional opportunities for all.

  • Advocate for building of condominiums and other multifamily options to encourage home ownership at lower price points.
  • Collaborate with public advisory groups and stakeholders to deploy tools to create varied housing options.
  • Determine the effectiveness of a density bonus for a percentage of low-and moderate-income housing in new larger subdivisions.


Apply design standards and ordinances to commercial and residential development to ensure quality communities with a diversity of amenities. 

  • Improve open space and amenity requirements in alignment with our Comprehensive Plan.
  • Maintain regular communication with the community through committees and stakeholders to stay up to date on community trends.
  • Update and supplement design standards on an annual basis to ensure our community has premier amenities.
  • Actively promote new design standards to prevent crime in all new development.


Outcome Measure

Improved rating on citizen survey as a city that is planning for future growth and development (Citizen Survey Q1 #08)

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