• Town Hall

      19 October 2020

    • I truly believe that connecting with residents is one of the things that makes our community special. When we are engaged and involved together on where we are going, it makes for a stronger end result.  We have seen this with our updated Comprehensive Plan and are looking to do the same with our Strategic Plan that is being updated.  

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    • Engaging Tomorrow's Leaders

      05 October 2020

    • This year has created challenges about how we carry on the events, activities and relationships that make our community special. One of the programs I’m focused on is the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Commission (MYAC) which is comprised of our 9th-12th graders in our community. MYAC gives its members an opportunity to develop leadership skills and apply those skills through giving back and participating in the processes of government. It also allows these driven individuals a chance to network, collaborate, and grow together.  

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    • The Final Countdown - 2020 Census

      20 September 2020

    • We are in the final countdown for residents to complete the 2020 Census and help shape the future of our community. I first want to thank all of you who have already taken the time to fill it out. Meridian was one of the top cities for self-reporting with 79% of households choosing to do so. If you didn’t have a chance to respond yet, I am asking for just ten minutes of your time to do so by September 30. Your actions help provide vital information to will impact Meridian for the next ten years.

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    • Working Together for our Students

      08 September 2020

    • We have been doing a great job as a community and region wearing masks, keeping our distance and washing our hands. The proof is in the numbers, safety measures are working and it continues to take all of us working together to make it happen.

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    • Lakeview Golf Course Transition

      24 August 2020

    • Meridian City Council recently approved a new venture for the City which will transition operations of the Lakeview Golf Club to the City. Many may not know that the land the public course sits on has been owned by the City since 1978, with buildings and equipment owned by the operator. As the current operator transitions out of the business, it makes sense to bring the assets into public ownership. To help make that happen, Western Ada Recreation District (WARD) has entered into a Purchase and Sale Agreement to buy out the business and assets whereby they will then transition course management to the City.  Lakeview Golf Club is an important part of our community, and I am committed to ensuring this asset is properly maintained and operated with needed improvements made to the course.

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    • It's Time to Vote - School Supplemental Levy

      10 August 2020

    • While many of you may be waiting for the November Presidential Election, I want to encourage you to have your voice heard by getting out this week and voting in the West Ada School District supplemental levy election.

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    • National Night Out

      27 July 2020

    • Now more than ever it is important that we build strong relationships among our residents and first responders.  In Meridian, we pride ourselves on being one of Idaho’s safest cities, and can credit that to the mutual respect between citizens and our officers.  This respect has been earned through longstanding efforts that begin with education, and continue with each interaction that takes place between our police and fire departments and the community they serve.

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    • 2020 City Survey

      12 July 2020

    • Amongst all of the COVID conversation, I also want to remind everyone that City business is still moving forward and we have a lot of other important information for everyone to keep on your radar.  To that, we recently released our 2020 City Survey online, and want your feedback about services in Meridian.

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    • It's Time to Listen & Work Together

      08 June 2020

    • Watching the news, reading social media posts, and hearing from members of our community, I feel disheartened by the state of our nation. A human life was taken at the hands of a few who were called upon to protect and serve. Outrage swept through the nation, and rightly so.

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    • United Together

      06 April 2020

    • In this time of uncertainty, I know our minds and hearts are heavy with concern. Concern for how to stay healthy, pay bills, educate our children, and access essential services without risking our health. I share your concerns and want to assure you that we are working tirelessly to navigate the constantly evolving situation of COVID-19. As your Mayor, I will continue to make decisions using guidance from the experts as best I can over the months to come.

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    • Laying the Foundation for a Vibrant Downtown

      08 March 2020

    • As I peer out my office window this morning, I can’t help but feel excitement.  There are big things happening right in the heart of Meridian, our downtown.  Three major projects (and several other small projects) are underway that will add to the vibrancy of our downtown.  These projects were big ideas for local visionaries a few years ago, and today, dirt is moving and they are preparing to lay the foundation for a vibrant downtown!

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    • Collaboration is Key

      23 February 2020

    • Recently, the City Council held a joint meeting with the Board of Trustees from West Ada School District. During this meeting we discussed the impact of growth on the community.  Specifically, we discussed our schools, the City’s recently adopted Comprehensive Plan, and the importance of identifying priority growth areas so we can collaborate on where investments might be needed by our organizations.  

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    • A Strategic Approach

      10 February 2020

    • Being a premier community to live, work and raise a family in is more than just a simple statement, it’s the vision we have for Meridian. Like any vision, it takes planning and execution to make it a reality. In our case, it takes dedicated employees, an engaged community, collaboration with partners, and committed leaders to transform a string of words so the Meridian of today becomes the Meridian of our future.

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    • Hands-Free in Meridian and Beyond

      27 January 2020

    • This last weekend, I traveled across our great state to the City of Salmon with my family to take a ski trip.  We traversed the Idaho roads, and for the most part were without cell service for 90% of the time as we drove through the passes and canyons of our beautiful state.  I realized during this drive that we all survived being disconnected from our phones.  Not for 30 seconds at a stoplight, not even for 20 minutes getting to work, but for hours at a time.

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    • A New Comprehensive Plan for Meridian's Future

      12 January 2020

    • Growth is on the heart and minds of our community. For many that is because of increased traffic, impacts on our schools, and increased density with multi-family development. Along with these concerns, we have also seen benefits of growth such as more family wage jobs, additional retail and entertainment opportunities, and needed road improvements such as the planned widening of Linder Road, Ten Mile Road, and Chinden Boulevard.

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    • A Bittersweet Farewell

      29 December 2019

    • I can hardly believe that this will be my last Mayor’s Message… I send it to you today with a lot of mixed emotions. After 16 years, I enter my final week as your Mayor. Admittedly, stepping out of office is bittersweet. It’s been hard letting go; Meridian is in my blood!

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    • The Season of Giving

      16 December 2019

    • I can’t deny that I get excited about Christmas cookies, shopping for family gifts and festive parties this time of year. Most of all, Christmas is the season for giving.

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    • So much to be thankful for!

      18 November 2019

    • It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through November! Fall is always a time of reflection for me – and as I reflect, I can’t help but be thankful. Some days it’s much easier to focus on the negative as it seems that’s all we see on social media and on the news. It’s important to take a deep breath and fill our thoughts with thankfulness. I made a list of what I’m most thankful for. You’ll see my top 10 below, I encourage you to do the same.

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    • Election Season

      04 October 2019

    • You may have noticed that the City has been sprinkled with campaign signs and the neighborhoods are abuzz with talks of the 2019 General City Election. It’s officially campaign season - campaign signs, social media posts, door knocking, phone calls, debates and more are coming your way! This November 5th there is a BIG election here at the City. Citizens will have the opportunity to vote for three new City Council members, as well as your next Mayor.

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    • Meridian Stars

      20 September 2019

    • There are certain people that you meet in life that seem to leave an impression wherever they go. Those individuals with selfless spirits and hearts made of gold. They shine light into our lives on dark days and always seem to be there with a hand up or strong shoulder.

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    • Art Week

      23 August 2019

    • There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle when it comes to a well-rounded community. One of those puzzle pieces that makes Meridian so great is our community investment in and celebration of the arts.  

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    • Back to School

      12 August 2019

    • I’m actually writing today’s blog post with a different audience in mind. This one is for our younger Meridian residents. Those of you that couldn’t wait to be on summer vacation last May, and are now counting down the days until you’re back at school with your friends. This one is for you.

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    • Discover Your Newest Park

      15 July 2019

    • I have loved my time as your Mayor - almost 16 years. However, my time with the City began long before that. I spent 4 years on the Meridian City Council and before that, served as a charter member of the Parks and Recreation Commission. Throughout that time, my commitment to our parks system has been, and continues to be, among my top priorities.

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    • Award Winning Transparency

      01 July 2019

    • Each year, city leaders from across the state gather together at the Association of Idaho Cities (AIC) Conference. The annual AIC Conference offers us an opportunity to learn from one another. We – elected officials and key staff - share struggles, solutions, and best practices to issues we face as Idaho municipalities.

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    • City 101 - Go Behind the Scenes of Your City

      17 June 2019

    • When it comes to local government, there are a lot of moving parts and pieces – and each municipality does things a little differently. In Meridian, we have 20 departments and within those, 48 divisions, which are operated by over 450 incredible employees (I may be biased!). But – who does what? It can be confusing how each piece – each department – is connected. That’s why its important to do our best to ensure that Meridian residents understand the basics. One way that we do that is through our City 101 classes.

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    • Downtown Meridian is Blossoming

      04 June 2019

    • It’s so fun to walk in downtown Meridian this time of year. Between the colorful flowers and beautiful trees, it seems that everything is in full bloom. But – that’s not all that’s blooming and budding in our downtown. New amenities and services are sprouting up, downtown events are blossoming, and existing businesses are changing color.

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      19 May 2019

    • Each time I step inside a voting booth, no matter what issues are on the ballot, I feel an immense sense of duty and pride. I love living in a nation where we can not only form our own opinions, and voice those opinions, but we can act on them. This is a right that did not come easy or without sacrifice.

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    • Warm Weather & Fun Ahead

      07 May 2019

    • One of the best things about living in Meridian is that we get to experience every season! There is great anticipation as we welcome the arrival of spring and summer - we are able to get out of our homes and enjoy all of the outdoor fun that Meridian offers.

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    • Spring Has Sprung!

      22 April 2019

    • The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the smell of fresh cut grass is in the air. That’s right – it’s spring in Meridian!  As the days heat up, I can’t help but get excited for all of the outdoor fun ahead in our great City.

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    • My Final BUT Busy Year Ahead

      08 April 2019

    • As you may have already heard, this year will be my last serving you as your Mayor. After a great deal of thought, deliberation and discussions with my family, I have decided not to seek re-election in November. This was a very personal decision and one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made. After losing my dad this last fall, I questioned my decision to run for re-election in November 2019. I continued to consider this decision up through the holidays. Being able to spend time with my mom, my kids and their families, and in talking with my husband I knew what that ‘next chapter’ would and should be. It’s time that I focus on them. I need to spend time with my mom. Two of my girls live overseas – I want to spend time with them. I have grandkids that I haven’t spent much time with, and another grandchild on the way – I will know this one much better. And my husband is traveling more and I want to experience the world with him.

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    • Breaking Ground on New Services

      08 March 2019

    • As our great city continues to attract more people who want to call Meridian home, we are committed to maintaining (or exceeding) service levels expected. While we hope that most days in Meridian are fun and carefree for our residents, we are all too familiar with those heart wrenching days which require assistance from Meridian’s premier emergency crews.  In those instances, it is important that police and fire are able to respond to Meridian residents quickly.

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    • Collaboration with Partners is Important

      25 February 2019

    • We met with both our education and road partners over the past few weeks, further highlighting the importance of working together in order to continue to make Meridian the greatest home.

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    • Remember Mr. Meridian - Mr. Keith Bird

      08 February 2019

    • For two decades I sat right next to Keith Bird every Tuesday evening for council meetings. It was a privilege – and always an experience. Keith taught me so much, but the biggest thing he taught me was that you can make real change if you have passion for something. He had passion for this community…big time!

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    • The Greatest Home

      28 January 2019

    • January marks the beginning of a new year, the creation of new memories to be made and the start of so many possibilities before us! It also means my State of the City Address is right round the corner. This year will be my 16th year serving as Mayor of Meridian, and I am honored by the fact that I get to host this address – an event that lets our citizens, City employees, business leaders and community partners know how we are doing and where we are headed as a City. This year’s theme is “The Greatest Home” and there is much to discuss about all that makes Meridian the greatest home, not just for residents, but for businesses as well. 

      The State of the City Address will be held in the brand new Galaxy Event Center at Wahooz on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 3:29 p.m.  We are excited to help showcase this new facility that was highlighted during my 2018 address.  We will be live streaming the event here, so you can tune in during the speech or watch it after the event. Immediately following, those who purchase tickets, are invited to attend the Taste of Meridian, where nine local restaurants will provide samples of food. This has become a beloved event for the community.

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    • We're Listening

      11 January 2019

    • As we usher in 2019, I want to take a moment to let you know that we are listening! I recently held a series of Listening Tours at my home. The goal of the tours is not only to meet new people, but to hear concerns and/or highlights about Meridian from different stakeholders representing different areas across Meridian. The 25 residents who participated, included local business owners, PTA/PTO presidents, neighborhood representatives, district chairs for political parties, and leaders of service groups. 

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    • Honoring Mayor Corrie

      21 December 2018

    • This week we will gather to celebrate the life of one of the City’s former leaders, Mayor Robert ‘Bob’ Corrie. Mayor Corrie passed away on Monday, December 10 at the age of 82, just before his 61st wedding anniversary with his wife, Jeri. He served our city for more than a decade, first as a city councilman, then as Mayor from 1996-2004, and he later served as a member of the Solid Waste Advisory Commission.

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    • 'Tis the Season for Giving

      03 December 2018

    • I love this time of year because there’s a kindness and giving spirit in the air and people are committed to helping others enjoy the holidays. For this reason, I’m excited to tell you about a new addition this year at city hall during the holiday season.  Aside from our large Christmas tree in the main lobby, this year we also have a smaller “flocked” tree – A Salvation Army Angel Tree. Anyone is welcome to choose from a variety of wish tags and purchase a toy for a local child in need. Then deliver the unwrapped to the Salvation Army location in Boise at 4308 W. State Street or to the Parks and Recreation Department at Meridian City Hall by Thursday, December 13. We are more than happy to be able to host an angel tree – encouraging neighbor helping neighbor - and look forward to seeing more families enjoy this Christmas in our community.

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    • Happy Thanksgiving

      16 November 2018

    • For those who know me well, the holidays are a very special time of year. It all begins with Thanksgiving - when families and friends come together to celebrate with one another.  Whether you are gathering in Meridian or traveling to another location, I wanted to take a moment to encourage you and your family to consider the plentiful blessings we have as a community.

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    • Election Day is Here!

      02 November 2018

    • The Ada County Elections office says early voting numbers are up and that is very apparent by the number of people we saw here at Meridian City Hall over the past two weeks. I enjoy seeing so many people take advantage of early voting, whether here at city hall, other locations or via the mobile voting options. Every election is important and your voice does matter!

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    • What's an "Unplugged" Town Hall?

      19 October 2018

    • Every year we try to host at least one “Unplugged” Town Hall, when we ask our citizens to drive the agenda for the evening. I think it’s incredibly important to hear from you and discuss what is on your minds and hearts. I encourage you to join us on Wednesday, October 24, from 6:30pm – 8pm at Lakeview Golf Club. We’ll have a representative on hand from each department, so if you have parks, police, public works, community development, fire or even finance questions – we’ll be ready to discuss those with you. It’s a great time to connect with us and learn more information about your community. You can send your questions ahead of the event to Jodi St-Martin, jst-martin@meridiancity.org in my office.

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    • "Walktober" Challenge

      08 October 2018

    • The leaves are changing colors across our community and the air outside is crisp. It’s beautiful! Fall has arrived in Meridian. This is a wonderful season in our area and I especially like it because it marks the return of my walking club with local students.  

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    • Reflecting on the Importance of Family Time

      21 September 2018

    • Fall is in the air – having grown up with a dad who had been a football coach that always meant football season. There is a lot that is learned on the football field – but there are many learned in the bleachers as well. I watched my dad from the bleachers but also standing on the field beside him; he taught me many life lessons during that time.

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    • Get Involved From Home!

      11 September 2018

    • I am so excited to let you know about the City’s first ever Telephone Town Hall. It is Wednesday, Sept. 26 but the big message today is that we need you to SIGN UP to participate!

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    • A New Program Launches Today!

      27 August 2018

    • We are so excited to kick off the Hefty® EnergyBag® Program today (sign up here beginning at 12pm (noon) on Monday, Aug. 27). The global market changes in recycling have had a huge impact on not just our city, county, region, and country, but the entire world. The Hefty® EnergyBag® Program will provide residents with the opportunity to bag select plastics numbered 4-7 for recovery. This new program is a collaborative effort of several cities in the surrounding area. Participants can throw lids, straws, and other accepted plastics into the orange bags that will then be shipped out of our area to Renewlogy, a Salt Lake City based company. Renewlogy will take those plastics and convert them into Synthetic Diesel Fuel.

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    • Downtown Cash Mob - Join Us!

      10 August 2018

    • I’d like to personally invite you to check out Downtown Meridian – for a good cause! As you might know, this past weekend the intersection of Pine and Main was closed for paving. The road construction project and this road closure has had a real impact on our downtown businesses – and we want to show them some love! So this weekend, Friday through Sunday (August 17-19), join us for a CASH MOB! A Cash Mob is an organized effort to show local businesses support from the community. We want to let our businesses know we support them. You can join in during your work day on Friday, bring the family down on Saturday or check it out after church on Sunday.  Grab a bite to eat downtown or attend a live music event in the evening, stop by for family fun at the Meridian Library’s UnBound, shop at one of the local boutiques for home goods, clothes, flowers and more! You can also get a wellness check or even a haircut at one of the salons. There are all kinds of businesses in Downtown Meridian and more and more are hosting weekly events for the community - from game nights, to craft classes and live music. The Meridian Press has a weekly section highlighting these events and we even have some posted to our Community Calendar.

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    • Keeping Us Safe No Matter What

      26 July 2018

    • It has been a rough summer for our public safety teams (across the valley). Two weeks in a row, I received a call that our Meridian police officers had been faced with life or death situations. One of those incidents landed our officer in the hospital. I’m so grateful that he is expected to make a full recovery. In a separate incident, one of our Meridian firefighters was rushed to the hospital but thankfully is okay as well.

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    • Your Values, Your Vision

      13 July 2018

    • It’s probably no surprise that the number one topic I get approached about is growth. It’s happening here and it’s happening across the entire Valley. We all know how awesome Meridian and Idaho are - and now others have discovered us as well. Despite our popularity, it is imperative that we grow responsibly, which takes careful planning.

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    • MYAC: Making a Difference Locally and Statewide

      03 July 2018

    • July marks the introduction of many new laws and legislation passed during the winter legislative session. Among this year’s new updates is a piece of legislation spearheaded by the Meridian Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council (MYAC).

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    • Summer Safety

      14 June 2018

    • We consistently rank as one of the safest cities in Idaho and are by far the largest city to be included on the top 10 list. Part of being a safe city includes education.

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    • June in Meridian: My Top 5

      31 May 2018

    • Most of the area youth are out of school, and June has arrived. That means it’s time for free, family fun in #MyMeridian! Our employees are busy planning a whole host of activities for you to enjoy this month. Here is a list of my #Top5 events to check out in June:

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    • Celebrating Collaboration at The Hill

      17 May 2018

    • This week we will see the amazing result of what can happen when multiple community partners and citizens come together with a focus on the future of the valley and the well-being of others. I am honored to join the Treasure Valley Family YMCA, St. Luke’s Health System, the West Ada School District, the Meridian Library District, Meridian City Council members and our team with the Meridian Parks and Recreation Department in cutting the ribbon at The Hill. The 22.5 acre campus, located near the intersection of South Eagle and Amity roads, is designed to serve as a hub for education, recreation, wellness and literacy.

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    • An Important Town Hall for You

      07 May 2018

    • Town Halls have always been an important priority. I value our time outside City Hall, speaking with citizens about real issues in our community. It is so imperative that we work together.  That is why I hope you will join me at our next Town Hall this Wednesday, May 9 at 6:30 p.m. at St. Ignatius Catholic School. We have several important topics to discuss including smart planning for future growth, a transportation alternative, the election process and recycling alternatives.

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    • Join me - Idaho Gives is May 3

      19 April 2018

    • One of the things I love most about Meridian is how generous and giving our community members are to those around them.  In fact, the generosity of our citizens is a primary reason Meridian was recently recognized as one of the best places to live in Idaho by Money magazine.  

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    • UnPlug and Win Prizes!

      19 April 2018

    • Spring is such an exciting time of year. It’s a time for new beginnings and fun activities with friends and family in our community. And boy, do we have some fun things headed your way!

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    • Do The Right: There’s No Stopping This Powerful Movement

      11 April 2018

    • I remember the discussion like it was yesterday. My staff and I were talking about how the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council wanted to do something to combat bullying and we had just found out a community member had been lost to suicide. We decided enough was enough and we need to make being kind COOL and a habit! That day, Do The Right was born. We knew it was just one day, but the goal was to make it something that would start a movement of compassion, change the hearts and minds, the attitudes of all, each and every day.

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    • Do The Right on April 5

      26 March 2018

    • Now more than ever we need a movement of  kindness and compassion in our world. We need to stand up and BE KIND. This year marks the 4th annual Do The Right Day. We launched this day to encourage everyone to do something kind for the person to their right - neighbors, family members, coworkers, or classmates. With bullying and other negativity so prevalent in today’s culture, we want to urge others to put a smile on the face of someone else with a nice word, simple note, gift, or act of service.  The success of this event over the past few years has been amazing with an overwhelming response from the community and even beyond (reaching all the way to Texas).  We have distributed thousands upon thousands of #DoTheRight stickers and social media is always packed with pictures from all over the area – updates that show the true character of our caring community. We live in a giving and compassionate community and we want to keep it that way.

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    • Join Us!

      12 March 2018

    • Celebrate Local/National Hereos and New Public Art

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    • School Bond/ Supplement Levy Election Overview

      27 February 2018

    • I, like many in our community, moved to Meridian because of our quality schools nearly three decades ago.  The West Ada School District (WASD) is one of the best in the State of Idaho and the largest. WASD is 385 square miles large and serves five cities and parts of two counties! Our district and teachers are a shining example – we have much to be proud of.

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    • Meridian: "A Rising Star"

      29 January 2018

    • It’s that time of year again – I’m busy preparing for Meridian’s annual State of the City address. The theme for this year is A Rising Star. There are many reasons why this theme resonated so much this year and I look forward to sharing those with you at my annual speech. The idea for the theme came from the title of a feature story about Meridian in a North American business magazine called “Business in Focus”. The reporter, who was based on the east coast, said the facts he had gathered for the story almost sounded unreal. It made me realize that often because we live here, we forget just how awesome we have it!

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    • Recycling Changes

      16 January 2018

    • The world of recycling is changing – it’s a global market. If you read the news, you’ll know China was the main importer of recyclable materials and has now banned more than a dozen types of materials in an effort called “National Sword”. The big issue is contamination. Recycling efforts here and around the U.S. may have been a victim of people’s over-zealousness to recycle anything and everything that seemed like it could be recycled. The contamination of the recyclable waste stream with materials that should not have been included is part of what prompted China to ban materials.

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    • 2018 Council Preview

      29 December 2017

    • The New Year ushers in some changes for the Meridian City Council. Our Council President Keith Bird retired after 20 years serving on the council - he will certainly be missed. As we begin 2018, I am looking forward to continuing the City’s work with our City Council and welcoming our newest member on board!

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    • Keith Bird Retires

      15 December 2017

    • As I sit here searching for the words to write of my appreciation for Keith Bird and his service to our City, I’m finding it difficult to quantify just how grateful I am to him. For the past 20 years he has devoted time to our community as a City Council member, but his work as a public servant began far before that.

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    • Holiday Top 5

      03 December 2017

    • This past summer, I put together a “Top 5” list of things to do in Meridian. Since most students in the area will soon have the next couple weeks off from school, and families will be looking to spend quality time together, I decided to put together a “Top 5” Holiday Family Fun list in Meridian!

      5. Christmas in Meridian Events
      I am really looking forward to this year’s all new Twilight Christmas Market. We’ve always hosted a market as part of Christmas in Meridian but this year’s is larger and is sure to be a magical event! The market is on Thursday, Dec. 7th from 12pm-8pm at Meridian City Hall and will feature a variety of locally hand-crafted gift items, seasonal foods, holiday treats, mulled wine, craft beers, and live entertainment.
      Other events include the Children’s Winterland Festival on Saturday, Dec. 9th, the Downtown Lights Business Decorating Contest happening now (vote here), and we have Santa’s mailbox set up outside Meridian City Hall so children can write letters to Santa and they will receive a reply! Get all of the details on these events and activities at www.meridiancity.org/christmas.
      4. Meridian Businesses Get in the Spirit
      There are so many businesses locally that get in to the Christmas spirit. In Downtown Meridian, the Christmas Tree at Generations Plaza lights up the area and restaurants and businesses are featuring specials and live entertainment.
      At the Village at Meridian, there is another grand Christmas Tree that you can enjoy while ice skating or shopping in the square. You can also get a picture with Santa and bring your pets on Mondays so they can meet the jolly happy soul as well!
      And of course the lights at Scentsy! This year, Scentsy has 724,000 twinkling lights, including a tunnel of lights that you can walk through! On Dec. 11th and 12th from 6pm-8:30pm Scentsy is hosting a free evening of music, lights, and hot chocolate in the Scentsy Commons – at Eagle Road and Pine Avenue. This is a popular event so plan on arriving early to get a good spot!
      3. Meridian Parks
      Nothing beats a friendly game of football or, after a good snow-fall, making snow angels or a snowball fight with loved ones. If you are looking to do something as a family outdoors, give Disc Golf a try. You can head out to Settlers Park or Bear Creek Park to enjoy this fun activity for people of all ages. Also, don’t forget we have paved pathways in our parks and throughout the City, if you need to get out and run or walk off some holiday calories.
      When the snow does fly, many people head to the hill by the Kleiner Park band shell to do some sledding. You can also grab your cross county skis or snowshoes and head out to any of our parks for an afternoon of great exercise.
      2. Initial Point Gallery
      If you are looking for something FREE to do indoors – check out the Initial Point Gallery on the third floor of Meridian City Hall. This month features artist Joni Frey and the Idaho Gourd Society. The gallery is open Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm. 
      1. Little Free Library
      And while you are at City Hall, stop by the Little Free Library in the outdoor plaza. The library is stocked with Christmas books throughout the month. Come by to pick up some great Christmas reading and you can also leave your own holiday favorites for another Meridian family to enjoy.
      BONUS: Meridian Christmas Lights Tour!
      Finally – bundle up the kiddos, make some hot chocolate, hop in the car and check out the Christmas Light Displays in Meridian Neighborhoods!
      Your tour should include: The Montgomery Family Light Show at 1728 E. Summerridge Drive! ‘Lights only’ on Sundays – otherwise, music and lights till 10pm weekdays and 11pm on Saturday.  Tune to 95.9 to listen to the music. Or there’s a great display on Valentino Street in the Paramount subdivision that is always a popular stop! They raise funds for a different charity each year. The neighborhoods really shine bright this time of year – and it’s fun to see the creativity of our residents!
      Enjoy this time with your family and friends. Please be safe as you navigate this busy season. I look forward to seeing you out and about in #MyMeridian!
      You can always check out more events online on our website – www.meridiancity.org.

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    • Happy Thanksgiving

      19 November 2017

    • For those that know me well, the holidays are a very special time a year – especially Christmas. However, it all starts with Thanksgiving when families and friends come together to celebrate with one another.  Whether you are gathering in Meridian or traveling to another location, I wanted to take a moment and encourage you and your family to consider the blessings we have as a community.

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    • Veterans Day

      05 November 2017

    • This week – both as a country and in our community - we have the honor to thank all those who have served our country. Veterans Day is Saturday, November 11th and began as “Armistice Day” commemorating the end of World War I.  Meridian will celebrate and honor our military men and women at 11 am with an event at the Rock of Honor in Kleiner Park. We want to take time and gather in support of those who have protected our communities through war and during peacetime. I appreciate our veterans service and eternally grateful for their sacrifices!

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    • Every Vote Counts on Election Day

      22 October 2017

    • Today early voting starts in Ada County for the November 7th elections.  A good number of Meridian residents and citizens from other parts of Ada County will be showing up at Meridian City Hall to participate as we are one of the early voting locations.  I want to thank Ada County Clerk Chris Rich, Chief Deputy Clerk Phil McGrane, Meridian City Clerk C.Jay Coles - and their teams – who helped make this happen.

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    • Walktober

      09 October 2017

    • As the season changes and the trees start to color, I know we are getting into October – or as we like to call it “Walktober”. 

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    • Parks Update

      24 September 2017

    • Two weeks ago I took part in the annual Parks and Recreation Facilities Tour.  This is an annual opportunity for City Council, city commissioners, volunteers, and other interested citizens to take a tour of our ever-growing parks system. We visit current parks, future parks, pathways, recreation facilities and learn about our sport activities, recreation classes and community events.  We have so many exciting things happening in our Parks & Recreation Department, I wanted to share an update of what we saw and heard.

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    • Patriot Day Reflections

      11 September 2017

    • Even though the attacks of September 11th were 16 years ago, I like many others remember the exact place I was when I heard about the devastation and I’ll never forget it. We as a country, as a community, should never forget it. And right now more than ever, we all need to remember how important it is to come together and stand united.

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    • Drop Some Art for Art Week

      28 August 2017

    • One of my new favorite events in our city is just around the corner - Meridian Art Week (Sept. 9 – 16). This year a community tradition will kick off the week: the Community Block Party, which is bigger and better than ever this year with some awesome featured performers. It’s on Saturday, Sept 9th at Kleiner Park and is a perfect lead-in to a great week full of arts and culture in our community.

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    • Back to School and a Giveaway!

      14 August 2017

    • It’s hard to believe it’s already time for school – time does fly! Most of the students will head back to the classroom next week, so that means families will be busy prepping for the upcoming school year this week! I’m thrilled that I will be participating in the National Foundation for Women Legislators 2017 National Backpack Program – a partnership with the Office Depot Foundation. These partners are helping us kick off this school year by helping those that need an extra hand! I’ll be handing out 150 “sackpacks”, containing some essential school supplies and other fun items, at the Meridian Youth Farmers Market on Saturday, August 26 from 10am-12pm. Families with children who are in need of a sackpack and supplies for school are encouraged to attend! Having the opportunity through this partnership program to give kids a kick start to the school year is truly rewarding.

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    • Listening Tour Wrap - Up: What I Heard From Residents

      27 July 2017

    • Each year I invite groups of people into my home for my annual Listening Tour. It’s an opportunity to meet with residents and business owners, face-to-face in a quiet setting at my house. It allows me to host a discussion with those I either don’t know or don’t meet with regularly to get a pulse on the community from their perspective.

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    • Results Prove We Are On The Right Track

      10 July 2017

    • We just received the results from our City Survey and to say I am pleased with the numbers is an understatement! I can’t tell you how proud I am of our City Staff – all of whom work diligently to provide the best service they can for our customers –you, the citizens of Meridian. We all take pride in working for you!

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    • #MyMeridian Summer TOP 5

      29 June 2017

    • I love summertime in Meridian! There is something for everyone! In fact, just this past Saturday I shopped for produce at the Meridian Youth Farmers Market, cooled off at the Kleiner Park splash pad with my grandkids, and watched the sunset from my patio on a gorgeous summer evening.  As I watched the sun go down, I thought of all of the amazing things we have to do, right here in our own backyard! So if you are looking for some summer fun in Meridian – here are five ideas to consider:

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    • Downtown Summer Kickoff With Two Great Events!

      16 June 2017

    • This weekend will be our Downtown Meridian Summer Kickoff – with two popular events on the calendar – Dairy Days and the start of the 2nd Annual Meridian Youth Farmers Market season in the Meridian City Hall Outdoor Plaza.

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    • Public Hearing Noticing Expanded to NextDoor for Pilot Program

      02 June 2017

    • Over the past several months we’ve had a few citizens raise concerns about the noticing process for public hearings. Whether they felt they should have been notified but weren’t, or they received notice but didn’t understand the information in the notice, or they felt the notice didn’t have enough information - we rolled up our sleeves and reviewed the current processes to see what more we could do. After fully vetting our process, we identified several areas we could improve on and/or pilot. First, we will implement some changes on the notice we mail to residents. We also found one more key area where we can reach community members – online – via the social media tool called NextDoor.

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    • Memorial Day Time Capsule

      24 May 2017

    • The public is invited to attend the annual Memorial Day Tribute at the Rock of Honor Memorial in Kleiner Park on Monday, May 29, 2017 at 11am. New this year will be the burial of a time capsule, including community and military memorabilia. I am honored to have been asked to include the letter below for residents to read when it is opened in 2042 – in twenty five years…a lot can happen in that time! Aside from predicting our population at that time to be 175,000, I share the vision I see for our community based on work we’re doing today.

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    • #GowenStrong – Important for our Community, Families and Economy

      05 May 2017

    • I support #GowenStrong and I am urging our community to join me. The Citizen Airmen and women of the 124th Fighter Wing of the Idaho Air National Guard at Gowen Field are being considered as an Air National Guard base location for the F-35. As one of five finalists, Gowen Field is a smart decision as a preferred location - for the military, our economy, and our neighbors, friends, and family who serve in the Idaho National Guard.

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    • Get Your Questions Answered on Wednesday

      21 April 2017

    • The City of Meridian is going “Unplugged” at the next Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, April 26, 6:30pm – 8:00pm, at Cole Valley Christian High School (200 E. Carlton Ave)! What do we mean by this? Well, we simply want you, our residents, to set the agenda for the meeting. We want to hear from you! This is your chance to share what’s on your mind with myself and other City leaders.

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    • Do The Right on April 12

      10 April 2017

    • You are all invited to join us for Do The Right Day on Wednesday, April 12, 2017! Two years ago the City of Meridian, with the help of many partners, launched Do The Right – one day to start a movement of compassion by encouraging residents to do something kind for the person to their right - neighbors, family members, coworkers, or classmates. With bullying and other negativity so prevalent in today’s culture, we began a mission to encourage people to put a smile on the face of someone else with a nice word, simple note, gift, or act of service. The success of this event over the past two years has been amazing with an overwhelming response from the community. We distributed 7,500 #DoTheRight stickers last year and social media was packed with pictures from all over Meridian – even reaching other communities in the state and as far away as Texas!

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    • Springtime in #MyMeridian

      24 March 2017

    • After the non-traditional winter we just encountered, I’m sure most of you are with me in cheering on the arrival of spring!

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    • HealthyMeridian Challenge

      10 March 2017

    • As the Mayor of Meridian I am constantly looking for more ways to get fit in our community! In fact, we just started up a new program called Meridian Mondays with Fleet Feet Meridian - it has been a blast to connect with other people of all fitness levels and get active in our beautiful downtown!

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    • A Needed Transportation Option for Residents

      24 February 2017

    • As I meet with citizens or gather feedback through our citywide surveys – one of the number one issues that always surfaces is public transportation. Not everyone needs it, but it is essential for those who do. The City of Meridian has contributed to several different options which have included an express or commuter service and a limited route service. We worked with Valley Regional Transit (VRT) for months on a service that would address a great need to our seniors and persons with disabilities. I’m pleased to announce the latest partnership that launched called Harvest Transit!

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    • Check Out The Annual Report!

      15 February 2017

    • Following my State of the City address, we released the City of Meridian’s Annual Report. While hard copies were provided to those who attended, it is now available online for the community to enjoy! I would encourage all residents to take a look at this document. It includes information about the work of our City employees and Departments in a variety of different areas.

      The Annual Report helps you see what we’ve accomplished over the past year in such areas as public safety, community and economic development, public works and parks and recreation thanks to our “Top 16 of 2016” section. You can also read about what’s “On the Horizon,” with a look at projects ahead in 2017. And if you are more into numbers, then check out an overview of the City’s budget.

      The City of Meridian is thriving. Take a look here and see for yourself.

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    • A Banner Year for #MyMeridian

      31 January 2017

    • As we usher in this new year, I’m focused on preparing my State of the City address. We are a thriving community with much to celebrate!

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    • Holiday Safety and Giving

      30 December 2016

    • Thank you to everyone who came out to our Christmas in Meridian festivities! Our Parks and Recreation Department organized a host of events that launched December with great fanfare and loads of Christmas spirit - officially kicking off the holiday season in our community!

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    • Recreation Celebration

      10 December 2016

    • This winter I’m thrilled to say that we have even MORE activity options for you in our community! The City of Meridian purchased the Homecourt Facility from the Treasure Valley Family YMCA this fall and we are now offering recreation opportunities in that space located off Franklin Road (936 Taylor Avenue).

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    • Thankful for #MyMeridian

      21 November 2016

    • This week is Thanksgiving a time to reflect on all the things we are thankful for. That is so easy to do sitting here at my desk! I can think of many reasons I’m thankful to call Meridian home - #MyMeridian. We get to live in a community that is recognized as one of the top places to live in the nation! I don’t know if you realize this, but recently we were named

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    • 'Tis the Season

      07 November 2016

    • This Tuesday is Election Day and I encourage everyone to head out to the polls (8am-8pm) and let your voice be heard. This election has the ability to transform our community, so do your research and cast your vote! You can find the information you need, and your polling place at www.idahovotes.gov.

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    • Courthouse Details You Need To Know

      26 October 2016

    • I wanted to update our citizens as we move to the next step in the process begun long ago on providing a courtroom, or not, that was initiated in 1994. The Ada County Commissioners brought to life this ’94 court order that was long forgotten, frankly, because the issue was already addressed in the ‘90’s.

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    • Early Voting and W.A.R.D. Bond Information

      07 October 2016

    • Absentee voting has begun and early voting for the November General Election begins one week from today. Ada County voters will have the opportunity to vote early at Meridian City Hall, October 17 – November 4, 9am -6pm (closes at 5pm on Nov. 4). This is a great time to cast your vote ahead of Election Day, November 8, when polls are open from 8am-8pm.

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    • The Meridian Library – A Huge Community Asset

      23 September 2016

    • Recently my husband Jan and I spent some time at unBound, the Meridian Library’s makerspace located in downtown. We expanded our imaginations and experienced innovation first hand with the virtual reality headsets, 3D printers, the woodworking and engraving machine and more. Needless to say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and all the learning that takes place for people of all ages and abilities at unBound.

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    • The Future of South Meridian

      12 September 2016

    • I was thrilled to see so many people attend our recent Town Hall at the new Hillsdale Elementary gymnasium. It showed me that the feedback I received from my Listening Tour was true - people want to hear what’s happening in South Meridian! So here’s a recap of what we heard regarding developments.

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    • The Season of Change

      15 August 2016

    • The start of school always means that change is in the air: new teachers, classmates, curriculum, sports, clubs, etc. It signals the end of summer and the start of a new season is right around the corner in our community. It’s a good time to remind area residents that this brings about changes on the roads and in our neighborhoods.

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    • Listening Tour: Your Voice Matters

      01 August 2016

    • Each year I host a Listening Tour with community members from across our city. People from all walks of life are invited to attend - and from all parts of our community - into my home to have a conversation about Meridian. The group meetings are set by geographical areas with the goal of getting a pulse on our City from those who live and work here. These conversations help us identify things we are doing well, and ways we can improve.

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    • For the Men and Women in Blue

      18 July 2016

    • I had already started writing my musing for this week when the incident in Dallas occurred (and now the latest in Baton Rouge). I am horrified by what I see unfolding. That musing will be saved for another day… My heart aches for Dallas and Baton Rouge. My prayers go out to their law enforcement officers, their families, and their communities. My thoughts and prayers are also with the families and friends of those lost in shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota and their communities.

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    • #MeridianSummer Top 10

      01 July 2016

    • I love summertime in Meridian! The other day I was able to shop for produce at the Youth Farmers Market, attend Dairy Days, cool off at the Kleiner Park splash pad with my grandkids and watch the sunset from my patio on a gorgeous summer evening. As I watched the sun go down, I thought of all of the amazing things we have to do, right here in our own backyard! So if you are looking for some summer fun – here are 10 ideas to consider:

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