The Planning Division of Community Development Department is pleased to announce we will “Go Live” with ePlan Review Service (ProjectDox) Effective 10/1/2021.  Applicants will apply online through Citizen Access Portal (went live June 1st, 2020). Click here to log in or register and apply online now. 

All Drawings/Documents will be uploaded and reviewed through Project Dox following our submittal standards and checklists below. After your application has been applied for through Citizen Access Portal, fee paid, you will then get an email inviting you into the ePlan Review software (Project Dox) and a "Applicant Upload" task to perform.

We have created How To Guides that are available under the “Home” tab on the Citizen Access landing page.  These guides will be helpful in helping you navigate the application process. 

For information or questions regarding the applicable application and processes for each type, click here or contact the Planning Division at 208-884-5533.

Pre-application meetings are required prior to the submittal of any application that requires a public hearing.  Pre-Application Meeting Request is submitted through our online application portal. An Associate City Planner will confirm the meeting by either phone or e-mail at least 48 hours before your requested meeting time.

Checklists and Submittal Standards

Accessory Use Daycare

Accessory Use Home Occupation 

Accessory Use Provisions of 7 Students

Alternative Compliance  


Certificate of Zoning Compliance 

Certificate of Zoning Compliance Use Change 

Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Comprehensive Text Amendment

Conditional Use Permit 

Conditional Use Modification 

Council Review 

Design Review 

   Standards Checklist - Commercial 

   Standards Checklist - Traditional Neighborhoods 

   Standards Checklist - Industrial 

   Standards Checklist - Multifamily 

   Standards Checklist - Singlefamily  

Development Agreement Modification 

Director Determination

Final Plat 

Final Plat Modification 

Final Plat Mylar Signature 

Landscape Plan Modification 

Planned Unit Development 

Preliminary Plat 

Private Street 

Property Boundary Adjustment 

Public School Facility 


Short Plat 

Time Extensions

UDC Text Amendment 



Zoning Verification

Sign Permit Checklist and Submittal Standards

Sign Submittal Standards 

Limited Duration Sign Checklist 

Portable Sign Checklist

Sign Posting Affidavit 

Surety Checklist and Submittal Standards

Surety Checklist 

Use Zone Encroachment Checklists and Submittal Standards

City Core Streetscape Handout 

Use Zone Encroachment and Parklet