If there's an application or checklist you're looking for, it should be listed here. If it's not, please call Community Development at 208-884-5533 and speak with a Planner. Email inquiries may be sent to planning@meridiancity.org.

Pre-application meetings are required prior to the submittal of any application that requires a public hearing. This completed form must be submitted to the Planning Division by faxing to 888-6854 or you can submit an Electronic Copy . An Associate City Planner will confirm the meeting by either phone or e-mail at least 48 hours before your requested meeting time.

Pre-Application Meeting Forms

Pre-Application Meeting Request Form (PDF) | [Apply -Online]

Other Applications & Checklists

Development Review Application  (PDF)

Accessory Use Permit Checklist (PDF) | [Apply-Online]

Accessory Use Daycare Checklist (PDF) | [Apply-Online]

Accessory Use Checklist Provisions of 7 Students (PDF) | [Apply-Online]

Administrative Design Review Checklist (PDF) | [Apply-Online]

   Standards Checklist - Commercial (PDF)

   Standards Checklist - Traditional Neighborhoods (PDF)

   Standards Checklist - Industrial (PDF)

   Standards Checklist - Multifamily (PDF)

   Standards Checklist - Singlefamily  (PDF)

Alternative Compliance Checklist (PDF) | [Apply-Online]

Annexation and Rezone Checklist (PDF)

Certificate of Zoning Compliance Checklist (PDF) | [Apply-Online]

Certificate of Zoning Compliance Use Change Checklist (PDF)

Comprehensive Plan Map and Text Amendment Checklist (PDF)

Conditional Use Permit Checklist (PDF)

Conditional Use Modification Checklist(PDF) | [Apply-Online]

Council Review Checklist (PDF)

Development Agreement Modification Checklist (PDF)

Final Plat Checklist (PDF)

Final Plat Modification checklist (PDF)

Final Plat Mylar Checklist (PDF)

Landscape Plan Modification Checklist (PDF)

Planned Unit Development Checklist (PDF) 

Preliminary Plat Checklist (PDF) 

Private Street Checklist (PDF) | [Apply-Online]

Property Boundary Adjustment (PDF) | [Apply-Online]

Public School Facility (PDF)

Short Plat Checklist (PDF) 

Time Extension Checklist (PDF) | [Apply-Online]

UDC Text Amendment Checklist (PDF) 

Vacation Checklist (PDF) | [Apply-Online]

Variance Checklist (PDF)

Sign Permit Application and Checklist

Sign Submittal Standards (PDF) | [Apply-Online]

Limited Duration Sign Permit and Checklist (PDF) | [Apply-Online]

Sign Posting Affidavit (PDF)

Surety Application and Checklist

Surety Application and Checklist (PDF) | [Apply-Online]

Use Zone Encroachment Application

City Core Streetscape Handout (PDF)

Use Zone Encroachment Application (PDF) | [Apply-Online]

Use Zone Encroachment Checklist (PDF) | [Apply-Online]

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