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Backflow Testing


Backflow is the reverse flow of water through pipes and hoses. That poses a risk of water contamination in the public drinking water system. Two types of conditions cause backflow:

Back Pressure occurs when the pressure in a pipe or hose is greater than the incoming pressure.

Back Siphonage occurs when there is negative pressure drawing contaminants into the water supply.


Backflow prevention is essential to protecting our City's drinking water. Cross connections are usually created by people unaware of the potential or backflow.

Most cross connection problems involve an ordinary garden hose. If your property has outside water sources, you are required y Idaho State Law to have backflow prevention devices and have them tested annually.

To protect our City's water system, two kinds of backflow prevention assemblies are required for all homes that present any hazard to the water system.

External: protect City's water from cross connection with the water on the customer's premises.

Internal: protect the customer from hazard connection in their own system.

Backflow Tester Pricing List


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